Zane's Birthday Party - Decorations

I am going to do a few posts for Zane's Birthday Party because there are so many pictures. I am going to do decor first. Enjoy his giraffe themed party.

Highchair with smash cake

Smash cake with candle

Food table with presents and decorations

goodie bags for the kids


Large cake

Giant Birthday banner

Zane's Great-Grandma painted that picture for him before he was born

Contents of goodie bags:
green, blue, & yellow balloons
giraffe shaped crayons in various colors
giraffe figurine
giraffe cookie 

Sneak peek of the cake eating which I will post tomorrow.



nicole. said...

adorable. love the photos, thanks for sharing. happy birthday zane.

kriznizzel said...

Happy birthday Zane, amazing photos this party looks so great! I love your blog design. I'm trying to work on mine but its hard wish i could just get someone to do it for me.

kriznizzel said...

Also I'm grabbing you sweet button now ;)

heatherlynnelange.com said...

Wow! I love it all -- the cake is simple and adorable, the decorations are perfect and vibrant, and that painting by his great grandma is stunning! Love it. Great job, Mom!

Paige said...

Soooo cute! I love giraffes! Happy Birthday Zane!

Tiffanie said...

I love the decorations, and that cake ... that cake is adorable. (but not as adorable as him digging into it.)

kinze said...

soooo cute ... love the giraffe cake!

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