30 day shred - measurements

30 Day Shred::

So yesterday I told you that I was going to join some beautiful ladies in the 30 day shred. I am very excited to have these women to make me accountable each week and know that I have to write in my blog each week to tell about my progress because this is going to force me to continue the workout every.single.day for the next 30 days.

Anyone can join us and I hope you will. If you do you will love the end results. I am so excited to see the results. They say you can lose around 10lbs and a dress size. Want to know what to do?

We are all doing before pictures and measurements. For your measurements take a soft measuring tape or some yarn and cut to the sizes then you can use a flat ruler to measure the yarn.

Where to measure?
Each arm (thickest part)
Each thigh (thickest part)
Upper waist (smallest)
Lower waist (at your belly button)
Your hips (biggest part)

Write this info down, or put it in Excel so you can come back to it after 30 days. After we complete the whole 30 days we are going to remeasure and take after photos.

Before Pictures::


My Measurements:: 

Left Arm:: 13"
Right Arm:: 12 3/4"
Left Thigh:: 21"
Right Thigh:: 22"
Upper Waist:: 39"
Lower Waist:: 41 1/2"
Hips:: 42 1/2"
My starting weight:: 157.2
Height:: 5'3"
(I started my diet in January and I have lost 10 pounds just eating better, 
but now I need to continue it by working out and lose more so I can love myself again!)

My Goals:: 

My main goal is to lose weight so that I feel better about the way I look. I am constantly being asked by people when I am due because my main problem area is my stomach. But I DO NOT look pregnant I look overweight, it doesn't have the preggers belly look at all. And it drives me absolutely nuts having people ask me that. (and by the way unless you are 100% positive that someone is pregnant DO NOT say anything. It's not appropriate at all!) I am ready to have that gone and not be able to put on cute clothes again. I can't wait to look at myself in the mirror and love myself again... that is probably the most important thing about this whole thing. I need to love myself again badly! My hubs tells me I am beautiful all the time but I just need to feel that way about myself... he tells me that he loves me the way I am but I just need to feel that way about myself... he tells me all the time that no matter what I look like or what I do he will always love me but I just need to feel that way about myself. So to have this opportunity to be held accountable by many different people each week should definitely help me. (at least I am hoping that it will) I also need to strengthen my arms and lower back because carrying around a 31 pound 6 ounce child all the time is killing me! I have had back problems for quite a few years now because of all the car accidents that I have been in. (which is a story for another day!) So those are my main goals for this next 30 days of my life and I seriously hope that I can do it.



Anonymous said...

I love your goals. I am sure you are going to do great and will feel great in the end. I am so glad you are joining us!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement on the blog! I just finished my workout and I feel like Jello too!! We can do it! I love your goal of just loving yourself. I feel the same way and couldn't say it any better! Good luck tomorrow!! :)

Anonymous said...

Really excited to have such motivating ladies to work with. Good luck -- I know my weak self will need it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment:) Good luck with the Shred. We are totally going to rock this. My husband always says that stuff too and while I appreciate it, I am more focused on how I feel about myself.

Carrie said...

I'm a new follower and also linking up with my own 30 Day Shred! I started on May 30th and you can find my before pics and updates on my blog.


Looking forward to sharing our progress!

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