Maternity session sneak peek

Here are just a few of the amazing pictures that Lauren from Lulabell Photography took of us at my maternity shoot the other day. 

She is so amazing and if you live in Portland/Vancouver/Seattle area be sure to book your session with her because I promise you will not regret it! 


Blog name change

I have been thinking about changing the name of my blog for quite some time now 
because I am just not a fan of Libby's Life anymore and 
the "it's all about the boys" part just doesn't work anymore 
since I am having a little girl in less than 5 weeks! 
So I have been racking my brain trying to 
come up with something cute that would work for my whole family 
and this morning on my way home from my doctor appointment 
for little miss Lilah and I came up with 

Baseball Caps & Bows 

What do you guys think?


To do before Lilah gets here

Now that we have the official date of Lilah's birth {November 2nd if anyone missed it} there is a list about 5 miles long that we need to complete before she gets here! And with less than six weeks to get it all done I don't know if it's all going to get done before she gets here or not. I sure hope so but I guess we'll see right?! I thought I'd share that list with you here today.

1. Add another rod/shelf to the shared closet. Zane has so many clothes that there is no room in their tiny closet to hang any of her clothes in there unless we add another shelf & rod so that is high on the honey-do list so that I can get all her clothes washed & put away. Since right now they are all sitting in bags on the floor. I also need to purchase her some of those pink baby hangers because Zane's clothes take up all the other hangers we have for baby clothes.

2. Obviously is to wash everything & put it away like I said above.

3. We need to make a trip out to Ikea and pick up two of the Expedit single shelves {in black-brown} so that we have more storage for both of them! We also need to get a couple boxes to put socks, hats, gloves, etc. in them on the shelves.

4. I need to get the letters & paint them for her name to put it above her crib like we have for Zane on his side of the room.

5. I also need to make her a headband/bow holder so that I have a place to put all her cute hair pretties on and their not all in a basket where you can't see them!

6. We need to get out the swing, bouncer, pack&play, etc and set them up.

7. I need to still find her an adorable tutu for her newborn shoot that will happen the week after she's born. I have been scouring Etsy for the perfect one and but I haven't found exactly what I am looking for. So if you know anyone or if you make them please let me know!!

8. We really need to get her bedding made still... we only have 3 of the 4 fabrics that we need for it. We are still searching for the perfect fabric to tie everything together. If you know of any great fabric stores again please let me know.

9. We have to install the car seat in the car and pack our hospital bags for both her & I. James just throws stuff in a bag the day we leave {I know he's crazy!!}

10. I have some things I need to pick up for myself while in the hospital. I really want these pajama's from Victoria's Secret in the pink/white stripe so that I don't have to wear that ugly gown the whole time I am in the hospital! I also need to get some giant pads {I know you all are excited to hear that!} and I want to get some underwear from Target that I can just throw away when I am done with it. My mom just got me a new pair of slippers and those cozy socks {but ones with the sickies on the bottom so that I don't slip if I get up out of the bed with just those on.} I also need to get a couple sleep nursing bras so I am still comfy while I sleep but still am able to nurse in the night. I think that's pretty much all I need to get but that's quite a bit.

11. We need to pick up a few things for Zane to give to him from Lilah when he comes to meet her for the first time in the hospital. We were thinking we'd get him a couple little kid movies like Elmo's potty time, The Brave Little Toaster, or a Curious George movie. And then a couple little toys that he likes.

12. We also have to get all the bottles back out and wash them and go pick up some newborn diapers. We have no diapers for her at this point and I am kind of freaking out about that a little bit!

I think that's about it but there is probably more that needs to be done but I just can't think of them right now. That's a really big list! I hope we can accomplish it all before she gets here. Wish us luck!


Lilah Maye

We set Miss Lilah Maye's c-section date! 
We also have decided to add an 'e' onto the end of her middle name to make it just a little different
and also honor both great-grandma's that way. 
My maternal grandmother's middle name is spelled May and my paternal grandmother's middle name was spelled Mae... 
So adding the 'e' to the end helps honor them both. 
I am so excited to meet my baby girl in less than SIX weeks!!!
I am also going to be writing a post on why we chose to go with a c-section.
So if you have any questions about it please comment & I will answer them in the post. 


Show & Tell: remembering high school

1. Tell us what kind of student you were in high school {popular, nerd, sport obsessed, choir, etc}

My school was so tiny that we all kind of were intermixed.
I was shy my freshman year and then after I made friends & knew everyone {and I mean pretty much every.single.person in my school}
I was not!
Everyone knew who I was... 
I wasn't quiet to say the least. 
And I pretty much hung out with everyone. 
I did have my core group of friends but I wandered between everyone.  

2. Share with us some high school pictures. We know you have them somewhere. 

Meagan, Tiffany, me & Lindsay

Jennifer, Matty, Tiffany & me

Tiffany, Andy, me, & Corey

Tiffany, Melialani, Stacy, & me

Corey, me, Tiffany & Andy

As you can see Tiffany was my best friend {and still is}.
We've been friends since we were in 7th grade or 11 years old.
So almost 20 years!
My core group of friends consisted of Tiffany, Matty, Andy, Corey, Jennifer, Jenn {I can't find any pics with her in them :(}, Melialani, Stacy, Meagan & Lindsay.

3. Tell us about your school. Private? Public? How many in graduating class? Mascots? School colors?

I went to a small private school in Portland, OR.
I had 61 people in my graduating class and I can tell you everyones names!
Our mascot was the cougar and our school colors were blue & gold.  

4. Tell us about some of your favorite memories of high school. Or what stands out the most? Any teachers? Specific classes? 

ha ha favorite memories...
I have so many!
But going to Fiji both JR & SR year provided some of the best.
I spent a lot of time in Madson's office my JR & SR year with my friends
{it was kind of our hangout during school hours if we didn't want to go to class or during lunch.
I also worked for him grading papers & I watched his daughter a couple days a week after school.
Plus he was pretty cool & didn't care what we did.}
Since my school was so small & we came from all over the Portland-metro area the school was the meet-up point so we had a ton hangout time outside the school after hours with our music blasting...
we called it our dance party
{which was totally rebellious because our religion does NOT believe in dancing at all!}
SR year I went to every basketball game with about 4 or 5 of my friends.
It was a great 4 years!

5. Tell us a piece of advice you would pass on to your children or any child entering high school.  

Enjoy every.single.second!
Don't take it for granted...
It was some of the best years of my life and I wanted it to go by so fast that I missed a lot!
Also join clubs, groups, sports, etc.
Just get involved.
Try to make friends with as many people as possible & don't be sucked into those stupid clicks!
Everyone has something to offer so make friends with everyone.



Want to advertise with us please?



I am a momma blogger with one son & a daughter on the way. I have just been blogging for a little over a year now and I have really fallen in love with it. I have met some amazing people through blogging and I hope that by starting to offer paid advertising on my blog I can grow my blog and continue to meet more people. I'd really love to have you sponsor us and get to know you more on a personal level! 

Blog Stats:
I average around 2,000+ views a month, with about 100+ views a day. I have 260+ Facebook friends, 240+ Twitter followers, & 500+ Pinterest followers as well as 200+ followers through Google Friend Connect.

If you'd like to advertise with me I am just starting to offer payed advertising on my blog and I decided to use Passionfruit ads. I am going to be offering 20 spots for 60 days each so there is a limited number of spots but they are all the same size but they will be rotated throughout the month so no one is more important than anyone else! I am also open to helping any of you that have shops to also do giveaways free of charge so that you can get your name out there more.

If you have any questions for me please don't hesitate to email me libbyslifeblog@gmail.com.

10 Things about Megan from And Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

I am so excited to have Megan from And Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson joining in on my feature.
She is such a cutie, has a very cute little boy, Elijah, & is a wife to Adam.
I am so glad that you are going to get the opportunity to meet her on my blog.
She truly is an amazing woman!
So I am pleased to introduce you to Megan: 

Twitter: @megancamille
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/And-heres-to-you-Mrs-Robinson/217394858305553 Bloglovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/2260755/and-heres-to-you-mrs-robinson

1. Favorite snack food: Double Stuf Oreos, hands down (do they count as snack food??)

2. Favorite place you've ever visited:Pismo Beach, California. Loooooove it there!! My husband and his family have gone there for many years for family reunions and we got to go together for our honeymoon. Such a beautiful, quaint little place!

3. Favorite movie: {I have too many} but if I had to narrow it down I would say: An Affair to Remember, Singing in the Rain, Return to Me, & Hot Rod :)

4. Favorite childhood memory: camping with my whole family every Labor Day weekend or spending the summers with my cousins in Snowflake, AZ. to this day, I have never been able to top those camping experiences! 

5. Favorite candle scent: currently we have a pumpkin spice candle burning in our house and I love it!! 
6. Favorite way to travel: probably plane but I haven't tried that yet with a toddler so maybe that would change :) 
7. Favorite Starbucks drink: {I don't drink coffee} but I do LOVE their Strawberries & Creme Frap!
8. All time favorite meal: In N' Out cheeseburger 
{animal style} 
with fries and a Neapolitan milkshake
9. If you could be on a reality show which one would you choose?:this is a hard one.... I always wanted to be on America's Next Top Model! But I'm too short & I would completely fail miserably at posing... but it would be so fun to get all dressed up for photo shoots! 
10. A fun fact about you: When I was 5, my family lived in Poland for a year and used to be fluent in Polish! But then I moved back to the states and forgot most of it :)

Libby Signature


The big 3-0

My birthday is in less than a month and I am going to be 30! 
Yes 30... 
it's hard to believe that I'm actually going to be out of my 20s and starting the best years of my life. 
I am actually extremely excited to be turning 30. 
I feel like when you are in your 20s people don't take you completely serious, 
not even when you're in your late 20s. 
It's so exciting to think that I can actually begin my life now... 
I feel like everything leading up to your 30s is just practice for the rest of your life and I believe that 30 is where it begins. 
I also am completely ready to find out who I really am and what I really want to do with my life. 
I am halfway there with knowing what I want to do with my life. 
Being a mother was always number one on my list and I have achieved that 
{now we just need to decide how many kidlets we want running around. 
Two just isn't enough for me or my husband!} 
I love every.single.second of being a mother it truly is what I was meant to do with my life but I also know that once my kids are all in school I want to use my degree and go to work... 
where and doing what is another post in itself. 
But I am excited to figure that out in the next 10 years! 
Anyways this post has turned out longer than I thought it would... 
All I was actually going to do is show you what someone who's turning 30 in less than a month & will be 9 months pregnant wants for said birthday.


1. I want to get my hair colored back to the blonde like Jessica Simpson!
Oh how I miss having that color hair.

2. A fun cake piped like this one!
I love the color of it too.
It'd be so fun to have a red velvet cake with the cream cheese frosting tinted that bright pink.
{seeing as it is my favorite color & favorite cake!}

3. Blossom iPhone cover.
I love everything about it and you can get it on Amazon for cheap!

4. TOMS.
I want these pewter sparkle ones because they can go with everything and they're just way too cute!

5. Hunter rain boots in black.
I want black because they are classic and once again go with everything.

6. Butter LONDON in Rosie Lee nail polish.
Oh and of course a manicure/pedicure using this amazing color! :)

7. Michael Kors watch in black.
They don't have the gorgeous one above anymore {so sad!}
but they do have an all black one that I really love.

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9/11 Never Ever Forget!

Never Forget


I remember I was in between Senior year & 
going into my Freshman year at Oregon State University, 
so I was still at my parents house before going down to school. 
My friend called me early that morning & woke me up and told me to turn on the TV.
So I went to my parents room, laid in their bed & watched as the 2nd plane hit. 
I was terrified. 
I don't know if I even completely understood what was happening... 
even at almost 19 years old!
But I do now and I will never forget that horrific day and all the people who lost their lives.
Thank you to all of those people who have sacrificed their lives to keep us safe! 

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Show & Tell: baby talk

1. Tell us your favorite baby names?:

Boys Names: Zane, Asher, Axel
Girls Names: Lilah, Kai, Charlotte

2. Show me your "dream" nursery 


Boy: Via
Girl: Via

3. How many children would you like to have? How far apart?

We would like to have 3 or 4 and the age difference to us is not a matter how old they are it's a decision we make when we're ready to have another baby.
We don't want to rush it but we don't want them to be too far apart.
Our kids will be 2 1/2 years apart when Lilah is born in Nov.

4. Tell us what you think the importance of parenting is?

Every.single.thing about being a parent is important!
Nothing should be ranked higher in importance when it comes to raising your kids.
But priorities to us is making sure that our children grow up with good manners, respect their elders, know God & have some kind of relationship with Him, and love with all their hearts.
I want them to be well rounded and know that no matter what they do we will be proud of them and be there for them.
It's important for you to make sure that your kids know that you will always support them and love them more than anything.

5. Show us your favorite newborn photo

This is Zane when he was a newborn & I love his squishy little face. 

6.  Tell us some things you promise to never do as a parent {and if you are a parent, did you stick to it}

Ha ha, well the biggest one I ever said was that I would NEVER drive a minivan and we are in the process of buying ourselves a minivan as I type this.
We are getting a Dodge Grand Caravan or a Chrysler Town & Country
{they're the exact same van just named different & the grill in the front is a little different.
Dodge is the lower end of Chrysler}
There really isn't anything else I can think of at this moment.

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What I love about fall

It's September but here in Oregon we are still having summer weather, 
so I thought I would show you what my 
favorite things about fall are. 
Since this very pregnant momma is wishing for the fall weather like crazy!


1. Puddle jumping with Zane. 
He just started enjoying jumping in puddles so this year we will be doing a lot of this.

2. Chunky scarves and of course warm & cozy sweaters. 
Scarves are one of my very favorite things about fall, I wear one almost every day. 

3. Tea, good books, a fire & comfy boots/socks are the perfect fall day activity especially when you live in Oregon when it rains most of the time. 

4. Messy top knots are the perfect hairstyle for the fall because you've got your scarves on 
so it's out of the way and it just looks gosh darn cute!

5. Boots
You can't go wrong with boots in the fall and some cute knee high socks poking out from the top. 
Any boot will do, 
whether it's Uggs, a good pair of riding boots or an adorable pair of rain boots. 
You've gotta rock those boots.

6. FOOTBALL... Go Beavers! 
Football is the epitome of fall. 
You gotta love it.

7. Pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite drink of the season. 
It just screams fall. 
If you have not tried it... go out & get yourself one!
You will thank me later ;) 

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10 Things about Lindsay from Delighted Momma

I am so excited to have Lindsay from Delighted Momma joining in on my feature.
She always has great recipes on her blog, has a cute little boy, Max, 
& is married to her adorable husband.
I am so glad that you are going to get the opportunity to meet her on my blog.
She truly is an amazing woman!
So I am pleased to introduce you to Lindsay: 
Blog: http://www.delightedmomma.com/
Twitter: @Delightedmomma 

1. Favorite snack food: 
Cinnamon toasted almonds. 

2. Favorite place you've ever visited: 
New York

3. Favorite movie: 
Willow and The Princess Bride

4. Favorite childhood memory:  
Building forts with my cousins.  
We would spend hours making the perfect fort and
 then have sleepovrers where we would stay up all night playing with flashlights inside our fort masterpiece.

5. Favorite candle scent: 

6. Favorite way to travel: 
I HATE flying.

7. Favorite Starbucks drink: 
Tall soy hazelnut latte...

extra hot :) 

8. All time favorite meal: 

Hmm probably twice baked eggplant Parmesan. 

9. If you could be on a reality show which one would you choose?:
Can I be the host of the Bachelorette since I'm married? ;)

10. A fun fact about you: 
I once drove through a drive through backwards. HA!

It was one of those twisty ones and when I got to the window I was confused why the window was on the left side of my car.  
It was too difficult to back out of so everyone in the drive through hard to back out so I could drive forward. Embarrassing! 

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Maternity photo's family style

My maternity pictures are at the end of this month. 
{Eek I can't believe we're already that close to meeting her}
I have chosen what my boys are going to wear.
I wanted a fall theme using the color orange because I am kind of obsessed with it this season for some reason I cannot explain!
We don't have everything here but I plan on buying some & improvising with the other stuff.
But for me all I know is that I am in love with that scarf from H&M, those boots are amazing, 
I know I want to belt a cute cardigan or something 
and I need to get some new maternity skinny jeans to wear for fall. 
So really I am asking for help!
What should I wear on top?
A sweater?
A cardigan & tank?
Just a long sleeve brown shirt? 

maternity pics


H M long scarve
$32 - hm.com

Soft wash cotton v-neck tee

Baby Boy

Baby Boy

Lps 802

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The shared room

We live in a very small house that only has two real bedrooms. 
So my kiddos are going to be sharing until we can get moved. 
We are in the process of getting our house ready to put it up for sale so that we can have more space for everyone!
But for now I am going to make their tiny room as functional as possible.
On Zane's side I am starting to get his vintage baseball theme started.
He has a toddler bed {that he has yet to sleep in} but we are working on it. 
We are making both of the kids' bedding because I can't find anything I like at all
plus we don't use bumpers & all crib bedding sets come with them. 


So for Zane's side I really want to make a baseball lamp similar to the one above. 
And we have a bunch of ideas of other things we are going to be making for his room. 
{when we move & he's in his own room again}
We are going to get the single Expedit shelf from Ikea for each kids side for their own personal storage.
I am going to give Zane the bottom 2 shelves for whatever he wants.
But the rest of the shelves will be for cute decor, storage for socks & books. 
I will go to BabiesRUs for those navy storage bins to put the socks in.
I also already have Zane's name above his bed painted in brown.
{walls are light blue with a brown stripe around the middle} 
That quilt is from Pottery Barn & I am dreaming of it for his room in the next house. 
{It's going to happen!!}
His room I have planned is going to be red, navy & white Vintage baseball theme. 
I also want some cute baseball accessories to go on those shelves. 


For Lilah's side of the room I want to get her a cute Eiffel Tower lamp in a white or chrome color.
Also that adorable heart shaped rug from Ikea.
We are making her some Paris themed bedding, we have found 3 of the 4 fabrics we need.
{we're having a hard time finding something to tie the other 3 together!}
I really want a light pink pouf to put on the floor by the rocking chair we already have in the room.
I am going to get the pink storage box from BabiesRUs again.
And I'm thinking this princess piggy bank from Target is perfect for her!
I need to go to Michael's and get her some girly letters for her name & I'm thinking I'll paint them pink or maybe black. 
We are going with a pink & black Paris theme for her room.

Their sides aren't going to match at all but you know what I don't care I want to start getting things for when we are in a bigger house & they have their separate spaces.

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