mama + mini style #1

I decided to rename my series 
from big & little style to::
mama + mini style

So here is my first edition of mama + mini style!

mama + mini

mama + mini by libbyuglesich featuring hoop earrings

I am loving color blocking and pink + orange are so amazing together.
I also just purchased this dress from Jessica Simpson Collection after I saw her wearing it
on Fashion Star a couple weeks ago.
I fell in love with it on there and knew I had to have it!
I just got it in the mail yesterday + it is just as fabulous in real life as it was online.
I also ordered those heels because I was in need of some nude pumps.
So I am definitely excited to wear this outfit when the weather gets a bit warmer...
let's hope that's soon!
I am loving these types of dresses for Lilah right now with the built in onesie underneath,
so easy + useful when those quick diaper changes are needed
and she always has to have an adorable headband.


Cara Box:: March reveal

So I was paired up with Nicole from Life in Boys' Locker Room and 

I sent to Kem so you can see that here.

and this is what the sweet Nicole sent me.

First of all she wrapped everything individually and numbered them 
and included a gift guide to explain everything.

And that's what she got me.

A Love picture frame.
Baby Lips.
Pink nail polish:: Libby's favorite color.
3 movies:: Libby's favorite genres.
Candy:: Libby's favorite kind.

and if that wasn't enough she said at the bottom of the gift guide there was 
something else on it's way in a separate box! 
{I'll post that here when I get it}
She is so sweet and I am so glad I got to know her + have her as a swap partner. 

Cara Box

fashion friday

The 4th + most likely the final installment of my 
wardrobe essentials is here.
Here are the rest of the essentials I think every lady needs for her wardrobe.

wardrobe essentials 4

wardrobe essentials 4 by libbyuglesich featuring black shoes

I really hope that you have enjoyed this
and if there is anything else you think I should add
please let me know. 


bloglovin link-up

I am joining in with the new Bloglovin link-up.

I thought it'd be a good idea to join in on this link-up so I can meet some new ladies
and also to remind everyone to come follow me over there
before GFC goes away.

Coach Bag Giveaway!!!

Spring is in the air and so are the cutest Coach bags EVER! I teamed up with Samantha 
and some other amazing ladies to give you a Coach bag of your very own!
Seriously how cool is that?!

Here are some of our faves:

A new Coach handbag up to $275...  all YOURS!

 photo coachgiveawaycollage_zps4fe92efa.png

None of the entries are mandatory, but please take a minute to get to know these ladies. They have been such a big part of my bloggy life and I know you'll love them too!
All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below and cross your fingers! Giveaway will run from today, March 25th until Friday, March 29th. 
Winner will get to choose their choice of bag up to $275 dollars.
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Winning entry will be verified so please, play nice :)
 Good luck! Xoxo!


Links love

Friday Link Love::

+ I love this weeks friday freebie from Aubrey over @ The Kinch Life! She gives a freebie every week and this is one of my favorites so far.

+ I am a part of this giveaway from Carly @ Texas Lovebirds... go enter you might win 
some money to Target!

+ Just found out from Chelsey @ The Paper Mama that the next PNW meet-up is coming up on April 27th in Seattle, so excited!

+ Can't wait for Samantha @ Hooah and Hiccups new feature on bargain shopping... this is going to be very helpful now that we are starting over on Dave Ramsey.

+ Mandy @ A Sorta Fairytale took the words right out of my mouth in this blog post 
about perfect love.

+ I love Beth @ Design Your Dwellings Wedding Wednesday post this week, 
since I'm already married 
and wish I could do my wedding again I love to see other peoples ideas.

+ I love Kristen @ KV Confessions me, myself + I post this week
and her answer to question #3! 

+ Ruthie over at The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart is preggers with her first baby boy 
and I am loving watching her belly grow because I love that girl so much 
and am so deeply excited for her!

And since I don't want to have a post without pictures here's a picture of my little fashionista!


Target gift card giveaway

I am so excited to be participating alongside some great ladies for the
Texas Love Birds Target gift card giveaway this month!

'I don't want 100$ to Target'...
said no one EVER!
So get entering::


GFC + Google Reader are going to be no more...

Since GFC + Google Reader 
are shutting their doors I needed to find a new reader to keep current with all my blogs.
So I switched to Bloglovin'
I have already moved all my blogs that I follow over there + I am in the process of 
putting them all into groups.
So please go follow me on Bloglovin'
I have the button right below in this post to make it easy for you. 
But I will be adding a button on my sidebar for you too.

FOLLOW Here on Bloglovin'::

Follow on Bloglovin


Diaper bag

Thought I'd share what we have in our diaper bag all the time::

diaper bag

diaper bag by libbyuglesich featuring lacoste sunglasses

The Bag:: 
Petunia Pickle Bottom bag::
I love this thing!
It has a built in diaper pad that is removable
+ tons of pockets for
all those things you need to stuff inside for your babies
+ toddlers.
Huggies refreshing wipes::
That's a given when you have two in diapers still!
We love Huggies refreshing wipes because they are thick
+ do the job really well.
Plus they smell amazing!

Camelback waterbottle::
I've gotta stay hydrated + I love this thing so much.
Even though I live in Oregon I wear my sunglasses all the time.
I have sensitive eyes so I've gotta protect them.
Hand sanitizer/holder::
Gotta have this stuff to keep your hands + your toddlers hands clean.
I love Bath + Body Works stuff it smells so amazing...
also the holder to hang it from the bag so it's not taking up valuable real estate inside the bag.
Hair ties::
I have long hair so I have to have hair ties to quickly through my hair up in a
pony/bun when it's getting in the way.
Sugar lip treatment::
Love this stuff + it has a hint of color to it...
I don't wear lipstick
{James hates it!}
so this stuff gives me a little color.

Tommee Tippee cup::
Love these cups they don't leak
{which is a huge thing}
+ they are not straws so they don't randomly stop working.
Ella's Kitchen fruit pouches::
Great snacks for toddlers
+ hello they're fruits + veggies...
what toddler doesn't need more fruits + veggies?!
I always keep these in the diaper bag for those moments when you go to a play place
+ we forgot socks...
always have to have them in those nasty play areas.
Huggies Pull-ups::
Zane's not potty trained yet but we're trying to get him to start...
so we are transitioning to pull-ups.
Annie's bunny crackers::
Just like goldfish but I think they're better
+ snacks are important to have when you have an almost 3y/o
who's always hungry!
Messy toddler = need for a new shirt sometimes.
Toy Cars::
We always have cars in the bag to keep him occupied when we
have the occasional out to dinner or lunch.
Leapster Leap Pad2::
LOVE,  love love this thing!
It keeps him occupied in the car + he is learning to take pictures with it
+ he thinks he's so big for having his own "Ipad".

Huggies Snug + Dry diapers::
Obviously but we are a Huggies only household!
Every other diaper leaks when we use them.
Bibs/burp rags::
Always have a couple of these + some burp rags in the diaper bag.
Tommee Tippee bottles::
These bottles are the most amazing bottles we've used.
She hardly gets any air in them
+ she seems to love them.
I always have something to change her into
because if you don't that's the day you're going to have a blowout!
Always have extra socks...
socks seem to disappear for some reason
off of babies feet so having and extra pair is a good idea.
She loves binkies
+ it's nice to have extra's in the bag.
Also the clips saves you from losing them all the time!
Formula dispenser::
I love this because then you don't have to shove the entire can of formula into your bag
+ it's all pre-measured out for you.
Sophie the giraffe teether::
This is the best teether in the entire world.
I love this thing + so does every baby that's used her.
She's soft rubber + the legs are the perfect shape for them to shove into their mouth
+ chew on for those darn teeth that cause so many problems.
Bling bling rattle::
Love this rattle it's got a great ring for her to grip...
it's adorable
+ what girl doesn't need a little bling?!


I've got a crush on you

I am linking up with Erin @ Living in Yellow for her blogger crush link-up.

My favorite blogs::

::Momma blogger::
Samantha @ Hooah and Hiccups

I love her posts, she keeps it real + doesn't sugar coat life or motherhood at all.
Plus she has some pretty darn funny posts thrown in there.
She is extremely sweet also.

::Design blogger::

She's got a great mood board link up that she does each week and
she also lets you peek into her amazing house. 
Love everything about her blog + her.

::DIY blogger::
Chelsea @ Two Twenty One

She has so many amazing DIY tutorials on her blog for all sorts of different things.
And she has an amazing home that all these DIY projects are for.

::Lifestyle blogger::
Aubrey @ The Kinch Life

She blogs about her life with her husband, step-son + amazing dog.
She does hair tutorials that are great + always has fun freebies for you on Fridays.

These are my four favorite bloggers as it stands right now,
that I read on a daily basis.
I am so glad that I have found all of their amazing blogs.

Minted business cards

You may remember that I posted about www.minted.com/business-cards at Christmastime about their 
amazing Christmas cards here.
Well I was contacted by the company to do a review of their business cards
and I was super excited!
So I went on their site and cruised through their 100s of amazing designs immediately to decide which one I would want for myself.
Well I narrowed it down to three designs that I really love.
{if you click on the picture it will take you to the design}

 First of all how cute is this square design with the chevron on the back? 
It comes in three colors. 
And you can actually customize it with a picture on the back instead.

Now who doesn't like to be able to customize the entire card?
You can add your own picture to the front and the back if you choose too!
I love this one and it comes in the adorable square version also as shown above.

Finally this vertical version is really cute also because to me it's different than what you normally see in the horizontal business card. 

I love so many of their designs, 
it's really quite difficult to decide which one I want.
I am thinking I will end up with the customizable one in the square version. 
I just find it so adorable. 
I highly recommend you go check their site for some amazing business card designs to choose from
plus they have awesome cards too.

::I was compensated by the company for this post but all my opinions are my own::


Family photo's

Here are the rest of the pictures from our family photo shoot the other day. 
I am absolutely thrilled with them! 
They are so amazing... 
I really can't say enough good about Lauren from Lulabell Photography
She gets me and my family 
and she totally understands that 2.5 year olds sometimes don't want to cooperate, 
so she just goes with the flow 
and allows us to play so she can get what she needs.
She's also a great friend so we can laugh and be silly with her
and Zane absolutely loves her.
He gravitates to her and constantly talks about her 
and wants to go play with Miss Lauren.
It helps that she has a son around his age to play with also. 
Anyways without further ado please enjoy my adorable family photos. 

 photo fam1_zpsaac758fa.jpg
Probably my favorite picture of us EVER!

 photo fam3_zps2b6b08d4.jpg

 photo fam5_zpsf32e1513.jpg
This is his baby...
his security "blanket".
He goes everywhere with us & his name is Baby.

 photo fam9_zpse0dbcaaf.jpg

 photo fam12_zpsf235537e.jpg

 photo fam15_zps1df865cf.jpg

 photo fam16_zpsf1b83bca.jpg

 photo fam17_zps9cd42821.jpg
She was blowing some major milk bubbles that day :) 

 photo fam19_zpsd3d8026c.jpg

 photo fam21_zps6f8f27f1.jpg
100% her personality!
She has the greatest sense of humor already.

 photo fam25_zps5756b8f9.jpg
He always wants to be holding her hand or touching her in some way.
It's really quite sweet!

 photo fam30_zps2bc7bc56.jpg

 photo fam6_zps1ab85dbd.jpg

 photo fam32_zps0eaaea4b.jpg

 photo fam49_zpsff57cd7b.jpg
running after daddy

 photo fam33_zps7cee743e.jpg

 photo fam34_zps745a1cee.jpg

 photo fam43_zps985317b9.jpg 

 photo fam44_zpsdc0e591b.jpg 

 photo fam39_zps1177d241.jpg 

 photo fam41_zpsc5a89a57.jpg
ome of her many absolutely adorable faces she makes.

 photo fam52_zps330f5dfc.jpg 

 photo fam53_zps3760f125.jpg
probably his favorite thing daddy does with him


big/little style:: #4


big/little4 by libbyuglesich featuring skinny leg jeans

The floral jeans are so popular
and I am loving mixing stripes with floral.
And those bow sandals are so cute.


fashion friday

My 3rd installment of my wardrobe essentials is here!
I know everyone really needs to have basic pieces that will work with the changing seasons and the ever changing fashions,
so get those pieces then add in the fun stuff.

wardrobe essentials 3

In order to be as versatile as possible you have to have things in neutrals but also have some great colored pieces for that pop of color we all love
and sometimes you don't just want the color in your accessories!
That's why getting camisoles & t-shirts in tons of colors.
You also have to have some comfy clothing options for those days you just don't feel like getting dressed up.
And you've got to have hair accessories & hats, too.

I'll have a 4th installment for you very soon.
I'm really enjoying putting these things together as I purchase them for my own wardrobe.
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