Disney on Ice

We attended Disney on Ice Rockin' Ever After last night in Portland. 

The show was so much fun!
They started out with Mickey + Minnie and some of the other characters.
Zane + Lilah both thought that this part was awesome.
Lilah was just freaking out and trying to jump out of our arms to get to the characters
and Zane was mesmerized by them because those two are his favorite.

They also had The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Brave + Beauty and the Beast do short versions of 
each of their stories. 
Zane liked Beauty and the Beast the best
and I think Lilah's favorite was Tangled because she seemed to be the most attentive during that story.
My favorite was Brave of course. 
I love that movie, 
the story is just so powerful to me.
You can create your own destiny if you just try. 

The skaters were absolutely amazing 
and so talented!
The show will be in Portland all weekend
and there are 3 shows on Saturday + 2 on Sunday. 
You can go to Disney on Ice to find ticketing information
and learn all about the show. 

It really is a can't miss show! 
So if you're not busy all weekend I would recommend going to one of the shows.

We received the tickets as compensation for this blog post but all opinions and views are my own.


Apple picking adventures

We went apple picking this last weekend like I said
and we had the best time!
My friend Lauren came with us so of course she had to take some pictures
which I would never object to...
since she's amazing
and you can never have to many family photos. 

Lilah of course had to wear her apple sweater to go apple picking.
It was simply a must.

She's got the cheesiest smile on the block
and I can't get enough of it.

Zane picked this perfect apple
and I had to get a picture of myself holding it my hands 

Of course Zane wouldn't look at the camera...
he was having to much fun picking apples.


fall outings

pumpkin picking

pumpkin picking by libbyuglesich featuring dark denim skinny jeans

We are going to go pumpkin picking some time this week
and this is what I will be wearing to go
out and pick those pumpkins.

We go to Lake View Farms every year
because they have a train or a boat that takes you out to the pumpkins + back
and Zane is obsessed with trains.
So it is perfect for us.


I am a big weirdo and always like to wear black + orange when I go pumpkin picking
and my kiddos always have to wear a Halloween shirt.
I am super excited to go this year with Lilah
because last year I was 9 months pregnant with her
and this year I will be able to run around with Zane + help him pick the perfect pumpkin.


I will be making these WW roasted pumpkin seeds
while we carve our pumpkins.
I will be using the garlic powder for them because I find that plain salt is to bland.

apple picking

apple picking by libbyuglesich featuring tan knee high riding boots

We are going to be going apple picking for the first time next weekend
and I am so super excited!
This is the outfit I will be rocking to do it.

We are going to be going to Smith Berry Barn
and it has all kinds of things to pick
and produce to buy.


I picked this to wear because to me flannel, jeans + boots
are the perfect apple picking clothes.
They just scream all American
and that's exactly what apple picking is to me.

I can't wait to make this WW apple crisp.
I think it looks divine
and I can't wait to devour it. 


Hello October

I am so glad to see you October
You are by far my favorite month of the year

There are leaves falling all around
It is still not raining all day every day
The air is crisp + cool

All things pumpkin
Sweaters, scarves, boots + jeans are the perfect outfit
Hot drinks + good old comfort food

Football is in full swing
Baseball is coming to an end

My birthday 
It's right before baby sisters birthday

It's the beginning of fall
The best season of all

There are so many good things that happen
in the month of October
I wish you could stay forever
So welcome, October!

{all images via my pinterest}
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