Sneak Peek - family pictures Feb. 2013

We had family pictures yesterday for Lilah's 3 months 
and my amazing & talented photographer 
and best friend Miss Lauren Alberts 
from Lulabell Photography has already gotten me my pictures...
but I am going to make you wait until Sunday to see the entire photo shoot.

 photo fam38_zpsf64b004a.jpg

 photo fam8_zps48015a79.jpg

 photo fam28_zpsb7c2d439.jpg


Oscars 2013 fashions

Jennifer Aniston::
She is gorgeous... 
as always!

Charlize Theron::
Are you kidding me? 
She looks amazing in everything she wears.

Jennifer Garner::
Always classy 
and the color is beautiful.

Jennifer Lawrence::
She never disappoints. 
She always is so beautiful 
and always so dang classy in what she wears.

Kristin Chenoweth::
Love this dress 
and she is just too adorable.
How funny was it that she looked like a midget next to EVERYONE she talked to?!

Jennifer Hudson::
I am not really a huge fan of this.
It's got a snakeskin or fish scales look to it to me 
and I am just not loving it.
But otherwise she looks beautiful.

Naomi Watts::
Again not loving it...
The color is awesome but I don't like the neckline at all.
She is still gorgeous though.

Kelly Osbourne::
I really like this on her 
and I think she looks amazing from losing all that weight.
And I have to say I think her hair is so fun.

Reese Witherspoon::
Oh Reese you are amazing in blue.
You are amazing in anything but that blue makes your eyes shine!

Sandra Bullock::
The jury is still out on this one really for me
but she is one of the classiest actresses out there so I just can't not love her.

best dressed::

Amy Adams::
This dress is perfection!
I love the Carrie Bradshaw-esque look and the color is amazing.
She is just plain stunning!
Everything about this look is awesome.
It is actually my dream to wear a dress like that someday...
so I am living vicariously through her tonight!


big & little style:: #3


big/little3 by libbyuglesich featuring black wellington boots

I got a new raincoat a few months ago
and I just got some Hunter boots
and I am so excited to wear it in the spring during all those rain showers.
And this little girls raincoat is adorable add a cute rain hat & boots...
way, way to cute for words!



This is what I wore for our Valentine's date.
I planned this outfit and shared it with you last week from my polyvore 
and here it is on. 
I really loved it and I know I'll be wearing it again.

 photo DSC_2211_zpsf660bbd8.jpg
Dress:: Old Navy // Tights:: BP Nordstroms // Necklace:: BP Nordstroms // Boots:: Chinese Laundry
Watch:: Fossil // Bracelet:: Forever21

 photo DSC_2213_zps57ff307b.jpg

 photo DSC_2216_zps1f29a2d5.jpg

 photo DSC_2217_zpsd2fce138.jpg


Biggest Loser

Well this last week has been awful! 
Absolutely, positively awful. 
Zane has been sick since Thursday evening,
with a 101 almost 102 temperature, runny {like a leaky faucet} nose and a horrendous cough.
So I have been spending a whole lotta time cuddling him 
and keeping him away from Lilah 
because all he wants to do is kiss her and touch her constantly.
I did NOT want her to get sick...
well that was completely unsuccessful! :(
As of late yesterday afternoon she has a horrible cough,
every time she tries to giggle or talk she just starts hacking and then cries.
It's definitely the worst feeling in the world when you can't make your babies feel better!
You just feel so helpless.
And of course as of yesterday I am sick now too...
it totally sucks,
my throat hurts, my head is throbbing and I feel like death.
I am downing tons of airborne & zicam to try to kick it in the butt...
I am just so glad that James is not sick because he really can't take the time off of work.
So we are trying to stay away from him as much as possible. 

As you can see none of us feel very well at all.

So to say that I haven't been focused on losing weight this week is an understatement.
But I probably have since I have hardly had anytime to eat or do anything other than take care of my babies. 


big & little style:: #2


big/little2 by libbyuglesich featuring fringe scarves

The pink & green combo is so beautiful...
they really complement each other.
And those polka dot jeans?!


High Five for Friday:: 1

This is my first high five for friday!
But I am so glad I decided to join in this week.
Thanks to Lauren @ From my Grey Desk for putting this on.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage-1_zps05bf72b1.jpg

1:: Lilah sat in her bumbo chair for the first time this week & loves it... 
now she can sit and watch Zane play!

2:: I really loved this outfit...
I had bright pink flats on with it {you just can't see them}

3:: We bought Tangled for "Lilah" for v-day 
and we watched it as a family.
Zane loves this movie,
we've watched it 3 times this week!

4:: I found this AH - MAZE - ING doll set at Target 
and have decided that Lilah needs it for her birthday in November.
It has Merida & Rapunzel in it plus some of the classics.
It'd be better if it had Aurora in it to though!

5:: My two little valentines in their adorable outfits...
they're way too sweet for their own good. 


Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day!
To your family from mine.


WIWW:: valentine's date outfit

James & I are going to be going out to dinner on Monday the 18th for Valentine's day 
because we want to do it on our weekend.
We are going out to one of our favorite restaurants The Ringside so I get to dress up!
I have all these pieces 
{similar actually}
and am so excited to wear it. 
I have planning this outfit for the last week in my head
and I decided to put it together to see it beforehand & thought I'd share it here, too.
I will also a WWIW in the actual outfit next week.

valentines day


Old Navy

When I was chosen for this opportunity I was so excited!
I went online right after I got the email that I was selected and picked out a bunch of stuff for each of my kiddos, so I'd know exactly what to grab when I got to the store.
They have some extremely adorable clothes right now,
it was hard to decide what I wanted to get them.
They really did outdo themselves this spring with their cute kids clothes.
And right now at the Old Navy kids and baby event
you can save up to 40%!
Zane looks adorable in polo shirts and colored pants so I had to get those.
Lilah needed something cute for summer and little, tiny cardigan is a must!
I definitely had a great time going shopping for my kiddos.
we don't always have a whole lot of extra cash to go out and buy clothes,
so this was a complete blast!

Of course had to show you a picture of both of them in one of their adorable new outfits!

 photo DSC_2200_zpsb1ca1c73.jpg

 photo DSC_2204_zps9d1dd870.jpg

Don't they look so adorable?
I am so happy with all the cute clothes I ended up with.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective,
and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


big & little style

I thought I'd start a fun little thing for Saturday that I'm calling 
big & little style.
It's pretty straightforward,
I am going to make an adult outfit & a baby/toddler outfit. 
I will do both women's/girl's & men's/boy's.
Here is my first installment...


big/little by libbyuglesich featuring ballet shoes

I am really loving the pink skinnies and chambray shirts right now!
And I really love ballet flats anytime.


5 minute makeup routine

This makeup routine is for those days that you have about 30 minutes to get yourself 
and your kiddos ready to run out the door on last minute errands or play dates 
but you don't want to leave without a little makeup.

5 min makeup

This may sound weird but I use these when I am in a time crunch or just want a little refreshing.
I wipe my face with one of these wipes... 
they feel so refreshing 
{just like the name}
and they also remove that little bit of dirt you built up while sleeping the night before.

I just started using this and so far I am loving the way it makes my eyes feel...
now that I am in my 30s I really need to start taking better care of my skin especially on my face
so this stuff is perfect way to start that.
I pat this under my eyes and also on my eye lids.

I absolutely love love love this stuff!
Yes it's extremely expensive but it is 100% worth it.
My skin feels so amazing after using it & it keeps my skin hydrated all day
which I really need...
after having both my babies my face is so dry!
I put this all over my entire face and I also use it on my neck.

This is for under your eyes and helps brighten them up
and it also is great for covering up those dark circles all of us moms have from those long nights
we are up with our babies!
I dab some on with the stick then pat it in with my fingers.

It's supposed to be used for keeping your eyeshadow from creasing...
I do use it for that on the days I use eyeshadow but on those days I just don't have time for it,
I use it as cover up on those pesky acne spots that I have.
The girl at the Benefit counter is the one who actually told me to do this & it has worked awesome!
I pat this on with my fingers {if you rub it in it just disappears, so pat don't rub.}

On the days I don't really need complete
and full coverage I use just my BareMinerals foundation,
it gives me enough coverage to even out my skin which is all I need on those
last minute outings.
This goes all over my face
and you can add as much as you need that's the beauty of this foundation,
so if you need a little more coverage on just one little spot you can concentrate it there.

This bronzer is awesome.
I love it and have used it since I was 18.
It gives me just the right little glow.
I sweep it across my forehead, along the sides of my nose,
on the apples of my cheeks and just a touch on my chin & neck.

I love this blush...
I got it for my wedding and have used it now for about 5 years.
It's the perfect color for my skin.
I just use this on the apples of my cheeks.

I love this mascara.
The brush is angled and it is also a flexible brush so it goes on really easily.
I only put mascara on the top lashes during the day.
I do not ever curl my eyelashes because they already touch my brow bone & leave little black marks
if I don't keep my eyes closed for a few seconds after applying my mascara.
{because they are so long. 
I know you can hate me for it, my mom does!}

I got this from Sephora as my birthday gift and I fell in love!
This stuff feels so good on my lips and it has just the right hint of color to give them a pick me up.
I just put this on my lips and I am good to go.

Here is the look put into action :) 
 photo braid_zps364a9b87.jpg
She's totally a momma's girl right now

I hope that this has been a little bit helpful in getting out the door fast when you just don't have time for yourself really but need to look somewhat put together! :)
My go to for quick hair is the side braid that I have done in the above picture.
I can do a tutorial for it on here for you if you'd like but I got mine from
Kate at the Small Things Blog here
and just continued it longer and put it into a messy bun.

 photo side_zps0a1b3965.jpg


biggest loser:: week 5

I thought I'd check in with biggest loser blogger edition. 
I weighed myself this morning and I lost 1lb and I am happy with that.
I am now at 156.8 which was my first 'goal' for WW.
I really think Weight Watchers helps me...
but I need to start working out!
I still have not done that.
I had a little bit of a rough week last week...
I got a massive migraine on Friday & was physically ill from it pretty much all day.
{thank goodness my husband was able to come home}
And that headache has stayed with me...
yes I still have an underlying headache that just won't go away.
I am most likely going to try to get into the doctor this week to see what's going on.
But back to the weight,
I am happy with how things are going and I hope it continues.

Also I joined a group of my friends 
{who are all trying to lose weight}
on a website called weightlosswars.com and we're encouraging each other on our journey 
and also working together.
We aren't making it a competition...
we are calling it encouragement for weight loss.
And I am very excited to have some more motivation & encouragement from some friends!

That's pretty much where I am this week and I am happy where I am. :)



things I'm wanting right now

 photo bowjeans_zps97280603.jpg

 photo bowshirt_zpsb87d7a5b.jpg
American Eagle

 photo dress_zps2e2ad244.jpg

 photo pinkskinnies_zpsb5ccc368.jpg
Old Navy

 photo cardi_zpse49a9822.jpg
Old Navy

 photo swim_zpsda8fe4ba.jpg
Old Navy
Apparently I am loving pink right now...
well I am always loving pink but I guess more so now more than ever in clothes!

I had to add some cute swimwear for the kiddos too! :) 

For Lilah lady::

 photo PicMonkeyCollage-1_zps0f0ed4ab.jpg
all from:: Old Navy

For Zane my main man::

 photo PicMonkeyCollage1_zps385a751c.jpg
all from:: Old Navy


Shows I've been loving...

 photo CarrieDiaries_zpsa292487f.jpg
The Carrie Diaries
So cute and exactly what I was hoping for!

 photo Grimm_zps820c4027.jpg
Love this show...
and the fact that it's filmed here in Portland makes it so much better!

 photo Parenthood_zpsec176293.jpg
Can't get much better than this show.
It's so real & I can relate to so many of the topics.

 photo Revolution_zps1301e17d.jpg
I seriously can't get enough of this show, it's just that good!
I can't wait for it to come back on in March...
I am waiting very impatiently!

 photo Smash_zpsaa5fc4da.jpg
Loved the first season can't wait for the second.

 photo SonsofAnarchy_zpsef41309f.jpg
Sons of Anarchy
Oh man there is so much about this show that I love.
but one word says it all...

 photo WalkingDead_zps62b93b70.jpg
The Walking Dead
Can't wait for next Sunday!
Have my DVR set to record all of season 3 leading up to the premiere...
so I can catch all the way up.
So very excited!


Fashion Friday

I thought I'd give you the second installment of my wardrobe essentials.
All of these items are all things that I think every girl should have
to build that versatile wardrobe... 
that you can mix and match to make all sorts of cute outfits for yourself!

wardrobe essentials 2

wardrobe essentials 2 by libbyuglesich featuring uniqlo

I hope you all can get some good ideas from what I think are essential to every girl who wants a wardrobe that is so versatile you can basically mix and match everything...
so that you don't really have to think to put a cute outfit together.
All you'll have to do is grab a few things out of your closet and add some cute accessories
and you'll have something cute and comfy to go out in,
whether it's on a date night with your honey, out to dinner & drinks with your girlfriends
or even just to take your kids to a play date.
You will be put together and look like you put a ton of effort into your outfit but in actuality you just grabbed something without even looking.

I will try to come back with a 3rd wardrobe essentials for you in a few weeks.
And if there is anything you think I'm missing please let me know! 
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