BBQ chicken salad

BBQ Chicken Salad
this salad is the best salad ever and super easy!

1/2lb boneless skinless chicken breast
BBQ sauce
4 cups crisp lettuce 
2 cobs of corn {grilled + cut off the cob}
1 can black beans {rinsed + drained}
1/2 cup grape tomatoes {sliced in half}
1/4 cup cilantro {finely chopped}
1/2 cup crushed blue corn tortilla chips
Ranch Dressing {we use a packet of hidden valley + make it ourselves}

cheddar cheese
green onion

Season the chicken breast with salt and pepper and put in a plastic bag with BBQ sauce
{we did this overnight}
so it would be really flavorful.
Grill the chicken breast and the corn on the BBQ.
Baste the chicken as you go to keep it moist.
Cut up the lettuce.
Open the beans and rinse them + let them drain.
Cut the tomatoes in half.
Chop the cilantro.
Crush the tortilla chips.
And make the ranch dressing according to the packet directions.
Then just mix everything in your bowl
and top with ranch dressing + extra BBQ sauce.


Hair products I'm loving

I have gotten a bunch of new hair products in the last 6 months 
and I am loving a few of them.
So I really wanted to share them with you guys
because these are amazing!
hair products

1:: Redken Pillow Proof {dry express primer with heat protection}
I just started using this product and it is amazing!
I love how it speeds up my drying time while also protecting my strands from the
damaging heat of the hairdryer all in one.

2:: L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray {extra strong hold}
This stuff is awesome for keeping hairstyles in place
but isn't crunchy at all
and your hair still moves naturally so it's not plastered to your head.

3:: Not Your Mother's Way to Grow {leave-in conditioner}
This stuff is great because my hair gets tangled so badly in the shower
so I have to use a detangler when I get out of the shower to comb through my hair
without killing my head!
Plus it is supposed to help your hair grow faster too.

4:: Alterna Bamboo Beach {summer sunshine spray}
This stuff protects my hair from the UV rays
and it's also supposed to help hold your color for longer.
It smells so good
and it leaves my hair looking shiny and silky!

5:: John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder {controlled lightening spray}
This Stuff helps lighten my hair in the summer. 
I love how it intensifies my hair color + highlights.

6:: Bath and Body Works Endless Weekend {wave & shine hair mist}
I love this stuff!
The smell is absolutely the best ever
and it gives nice waves on the days you want to have the beachy wave look
and gives you amazing shine on the days you want nice hair.

7:: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum {smoothes and conditions}
This stuff is absolutely amazing
and it makes my hair feel so smooth.
It always look so healthy + shiny after I smooth it on my hair.

8:: Batiste Dry Shampoo {with a hint of color light + blonde}
I can't say enough great things about dry shampoo!
Since I am so busy with my kiddos I only wash my hair about twice a week
and so I use this religiously to keep my hair looking fresh + clean
all week long even when I don't wash my hair.

9:: Nexxus Color Assure Primer {pre-cleanse treatment}
I color my hair {and have since I was about 12}
and this stuff helps my color last longer by closing off my hair from letting the water saturate
the strands so that the color doesn't seep when I wash it.
I've only used it a couple of times but it has helped from what I can tell!
There is also a color assure glossing tonic that I want to get to try,
it is supposed to bring out the color's luminosity when you spray it on your hair after you've styled it.
{once I've tried it I'll let you know how I like it}


cheesy beef + mushroom enchiladas

Cheesy Beef + Mushroom Enchiladas
this is one of our favorite meals!


1lb ground beef
1lb button mushroom chopped
1 can mushroom soup {fat free}
1 can green chiles 
1 can olives {chopped}
2 small cans or 1 large can enchilada sauce {we use medium}
1 small onion chopped
8oz cheddar cheese {we use extra sharp}
8 tortillas 

Brown the meat, the onion + mushrooms in a pan.
Once that's done add in the green chiles + olives to heat them through.
Finally add part of the cheese to the mixture and let it melt.
In a bowl mix the enchilada sauce + mushroom soup.
Pour part of the sauce to cover the bottom of a baking pan.
Fill the tortillas with the meat + mushroom mixture
and place in the pan.
Then pour the rest of the sauce on top of the enchiladas
and top it off with the remaining cheese.
Bake at 350 for 30 − 40 minutes
and ENJOY!


beach overnight essentials

beach overnight

This is what I'd take with me on an overnight to the beach...
I'd love to have a one night stay with my husband this summer to the Oregon Coast.

First off a good bag is essential
and that one from Hayden Reis is huge so you can use it to pack all your stuff
and then use it for the beach also.
Then I'd bring a clear waterproof pouch from One Truffle to hold my phone,
Softlips chapstick, phone charger from Lilly Pulitzer + hair tie.
I would pack that adorable diamond speaker + water tumbler from Shop Bando
and floppy hat from Jessica Simpson
and of course some magazine reading material.
For the beach I'd pack an adorable swim suit from Old Navy
a good coverup + some sunglasses from Coach.
For sun protection I'd bring Banana Boat Protect and Hydrate SPF50 lotion
which doesn't feel greasy or sticky which I can't stand at all.
And this adorable beach towel from Pottery Barn Kids.
For walking around the town I'd bring a cute tank like that one from
Cake for Breakfast, some cute cutoff shorts, a cute pair of flips
and top it off with a cute pair of earrings.
The only makeup I'd bring would be from Bare Minerals
and it'd only be the new BB cream primer, a blush, lip gloss + mascara.
I'd bring Yes to face wipes, contact solution, Dove deodorant, Alterna Bamboo Beach Summer Sunshine Spray,
Not Your Mother's sea salt spray,
hand sanitzer, body lotion + body spray from Bath & Body Works.
I of course have to bring my favorite bright nail polish for my fingers and toes from Essie.
For dinner I'd bring a flowy maxi dress, cute sandals, a clutch,
some cute dangle earrings + some adorable bobby pins to pin my beach wavey,
windblown bangs out of my face.
For sleep I'd bring a cute pajama set from Victoria's Secret,
a head wrap, my glasses + some comfy slippers.
{because I don't like walking on the floor in hotel rooms}

I hope that James and I can sneak away for one night this summer to our beautiful coast
and have some alone time!
Maybe for our anniversary at the end of this month we could make it work.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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