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I am over at hi, baby today.
I wrote the story of how I met my husband. 
Go check it out!


Girl Crushes

I heard that Jessica Simpson is going to be on the new fashion show called Fashion Star
and that got me to thinking who are my girl crushes? 
Then I thought why not share them on here...
So here are my top three girl crushes. 

Jessica Simpson:
I love everything about her!
I love her clothing line.
I love her music.
I love her perfume line.
I have loved both of her reality shows, Newlyweds & The Price of Beauty.
I love that she is real.
I love her hair.
She is just so adorable.
I know a lot of people do not agree with me but I think she is amazing.

Kristen Bell:
I loved Veronica Mars & when she was on Heroes.
I love all her movies she's been in.
I think she is gorgeous & so natural.
Her fiance is hilarious.
I love that she is such an advocate for animals.

Lauren Conrad:
I love that she is so classy in everything she does.
I love her clothing line.
I loved Laguna Beach & The Hills. {when she was on them}
I love her books.
I love her Blog, The Beauty Department.
I love her Fashion.
Rachel McAdams, Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Aniston, & Kristin Davis
are my other girls but the
three beautiful ladies up top are my main girl crushes for sure!



Fall Wardrobe Inspiration

I have been dreaming of fall for a couple weeks now 
and us here in the PNW {Pacific Northwest} 
are having some very cool, 
fall like weather right now in the mornings then it gets hot in the afternoon. 
So it is making me want it even more badly now, 
so I thought I'd do a post of some of my Pinterest pins that I am going to be using for inspiration to put together an very warm, cozy, and comfy wardrobe with some very cute accessories 
and brown knee high boots {I have a bit of an obsession with them right now!} 
to just pull it all together.

{The things I write under the pictures are things I already have...}
SOURCE all from pinterest
gray sweater, orange scarf, jeans, glasses, black vest, earrings, black boots 

jeans, glasses

jean jacket

everything! I made this outfit for inspiration last year and then bought what I needed

jeans, bag, scarf, earrings

jeans, flats, necklace

shirt, jeans

sweatshirt, jeans, bag, tank, earrings

jeans, sweater, sunglasses

jeans, earrings, bag

tank, jeans, boots

jeans, shirt, sunglasses, bag

And hopefully in my new diet that I am going to be starting works the way it is supposed to...
I will then be looking CUTE in these clothes and not just wearing them.
My dream {& goal} is to finally look cute in clothes again someday in the near future.



Fail & Strength

Just thought you might like this and it might help you get through the day! :)



Strut your stuff

Over on Jessica N Designs she is doing a link up called
Strut Your Stuff and I thought I'd link up.
This week is your 3 favorite blogs. 

So here are my 3 absolute favorite blogs that are a must read for me!

Ashley from The Vanilla Tulip is one of the most amazing women I have ever met.
Her faith in God is absolutely inspiring.
She has been there for me since the day we met only about a month ago.
Ashely's love for others is so fabulous.
She always has something inspiring to say on her blog!
She has three beautiful little babies and a teacher/football coach husband.
You MUST go check her out.

Laura from Splendor has so much courage.
She is a woman of God who has so much beautiful faith in Him.
I find myself crying over almost every.single.post she writes.
Her story is really heartbreaking but so beautifully amazing.
She has three little cuties and a Pastor husband.
You DEFINITELY need to go read her blog!

Kinze from Schilling Times is such a sweetheart.
I love the love that she has for the Lord.
She is one strong lady too.
If you read her story you will understand why I say this.
She has three lovely kiddos and a Real Estate Investor/Photographer husband.
You REALLY need to go look her up!



So many animals everywhere!

Last week my mom and I decided that we would take Zane to the zoo one afternoon. Our weather has been in the low 80s {since we got our summer a few weeks ago} and it is perfect weather to go hang out at the zoo for a couple hours. This was the first time he really noticed the animals and he loved it so much!

He also had a fun time running around with his grammy the whole day. We saw a bunch of great animals but didn't get many pictures because our zoo is so small and there are always SO many people there that it's really hard to get up to the front to even take pictures. I am going to be taking him a ton once school starts so that I can get in there and take some really good pictures of the animals and him. But we had a great time anyways. Here are a few of the pictures that we got while there.



Wordless Wednesday

Best feeling ever when your son grabs your hand and wants to hold it!



A to Z of me

A. age :: 28 {29 in October!}

B. bed size :: king {it's the best thing ever}

C. chore you hate :: dishes & bathrooms

D. dogs :: none {but we want one really bad}

E. essential start to your day :: seeing my baby's smile every morning

F. favorite color :: pink

G. gold or silver :: white gold

H. height :: 5'3"

I. instruments you play :: none 

J. job title :: stay at home momma {best job in the world!!}

K. kids :: 1 {but I want 3 more}

L. live :: portland, oregon

M. maiden name :: wilson

N. nicknames :: libbs, libby lou

O. overnight hospital stays :: when I had my son & when I had my kidney stone removed

P. pet peeve :: people who don't respect others

Q. quote :: "the lord will fight for you; you need only be still." Exodus 14:14

R. righty or lefty :: righty

S. siblings :: {I was adopted & I met my half brother from my bio mom} so 2 brothers {that I know of}

T. time you wake up :: anywhere between 6:30 & 8:00am {depends on my human alarm clock}

U. university attended :: oregon state university, portland community college & warner pacific college

V. vegetables you dislike: broccoli & pickles

W. what makes you run late :: my son {I hate being late it makes me very nervous}

X. x-rays you’ve had :: when I had my kidney stone & at the dentist

Y. yummy food :: sushi, mexican, & thai

Z. zoo animal favorite :: giraffes  




of fall! 

I want to wear sweaters & boots.
I want to turn 29. 
I want to drink hot coffee, cocoa or tea.
I want to snuggle up by the fire with James & Zane and watch football.
I want to go to the pumpkin patch.
I want to take Zane out trick-or-treating.
I want to watch the leaves change colors & fall to the ground.
I want to go to Oregon State University football games.
I want to play in the leaves with Zane.

All photos from pinterest

P.S. I am thinking about doing a post where I answer any questions people have for me. 
So if you have any questions just post them in the comments 
and I will come back and answer them for you! 
I am also going to be doing an A to Z post about me... 
so stay tuned for that!



Funny Face

Zane makes a ton of funny faces 
but he has one signature one.
It's a face I used to make when I was little...
and every time I see him do it, 
I just have to laugh.
It's his squinchy nose. {as we call it}

I absolutely love this face he makes. 
He knows he's doing it 
and he thinks he's hilarious.
He's got an amazing sense of humor for being so young.
This is definitely part of it. 
He loves to make people laugh. 
So face making is his number one way of doing that.

It's definitely the simple things that make me smile.
And this is definitely a simple thing.
He's got it down for sure.
I sure do love this boy to death.



A day of fun

The other day I took Zane to Pump It Up JR. for the first time, 
and he had an absolute blast! 
He ran around screaming and yelling when he was in the different bouncy houses. 
He couldn't climb up by himself so I went with him so I got a great workout. 
I had a great time running around with him, too. 
This place is awesome and we will definitely be going back soon. 
Oh and I will be booking his second birthday party there for sure in May next year!

Later that day we met grammy & poppa at Shute Park for 
the concert in the park that poppa was playing in. 
Grammy & Zane went and played on the play structure as we waited for it to be set up.
But as soon as the music started Zane was up dancing to the music and loving it.
We did have to leave before it was over since little man was getting sleepy.

But when we got home we took a bath and had lots of fun playing 
and splashing in the water. 
Then it was off to bed after our very busy day!

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