Reading:: The October issue of Instyle Magazine. 
I love this magazine it's definitely my favorite magazine there is. 

Writing:: The list of must haves for our house search... 
which is pretty long since we rushed into our first house and we don't want to do that again so we are being extremely picky about this next house.

Listening:: To the Yankee baseball game on TV... 

Thinking:: About all the stuff we have to get done before we have to be out of our house on September 30th.

Smelling:: Yankee candle Spiced Pumpkin... 

Wishing:: That we could find the perfect house soon so that we don't have to stay with my parents for very long... 
moving in with 3 other people while having 4 in my family is going to be challenging to say least. 
We are going to be on top of each other and it's really going to be tough.

Hoping:: That Zane will learn to go potty on the potty! 
I hate changing his diaper now.

Wearing:: pajamas still ;)  
it's Sunday + I'm being lazy even though we have SO much to do.

Loving:: That fall is here! I just want the rain to go away but still be cool weather so I can wear my favorite fall clothes but not have it rain all over them.

Wanting:: A bunch of things for my 31st birthday in a couple weeks.

Needing:: To pack and do laundry to get ready to leave.

Feeling:: Overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. 


back to school with pillsbury biscuits

Even though my son is only 3 
and he just started school for the first time this year we still had to prepare
for him going "back" to school. 
So we started thinking about quick + easy dinners that we could make
because we are super busy with Zane going to school 
and we are getting both kids into gymnastics.
So we are going to have after school activities to be running to. 
I started searching pinterest for great quick recipes 
and then I got accepted for this Pillsbury Biscuits series,
I was super excited because
I was going to be getting new recipes to try that were quick!
That's super important to me now that we have school
and we might have to eat a little later than usual.
I also want things that my son is going to love, which he is not a picky eater
so it's not too hard to please him.

I think that crock-pot recipes are definitely my go to for quick dinners.
I like to make pot roast, pork, chili, and many other things in the crock-pot.
You can put it in in the morning and it's ready for you when it's time to eat.
So if you have a late practice that you're getting home from
you can still have a nutritional meal already cooked!
I also like dinners that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.
Tacos, enchiladas, homemade pizza, casseroles
and pasta are always great options for under 30 minutes.
Also soup and sandwiches/salad in the fall is my favorite comfort food dinner
that I make for my family.

I went through the recipes they provided for us
and I knew almost immediately
that I definitely wanted to try the Taco Melts.
They are right up our alley.
We all love Mexican food and
this is a great fast + easy way to make that for my family.
You can find the recipe here.
Trust me it was absolutely delicious.

I modified the recipe a bit.
I added green chiles and mushrooms
and we used our favorite kind of salsa from Reser's.
We all loved it
and will for sure be making it again in the future.

I highly recommend that you all go download Pillsbury recipe booklet
and don't forget after you try one of the recipes
share it with everyone you know!

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fall essentials

fall essentials

Chambray shirt::
This is so popular right now and it's basically a neutral so you can wear it with pretty much anything and everything.
Old Navy, Gap + H&M are great places to pick up cheaper versions.

Military inspired jacket::
I love how versatile these jackets can be
plus they are lightweight so you they're perfect for crisp fall days.
I got mine from Kohls
but you can find options pretty much anywhere these days!

Ballet Flats::
I love ballet flats for fall because they're super comfy
and so quick to throw on.
I am hoping for a pair from either Tieks or Yosi Samra soon.

Gloves or Mittens::
Gotta keep your digits warm in the cold, crisp air of fall.
I love American Eagle or Old Navy for these.

Sparkly necklace::
When you want to add a little sparkle to your outfit this necklace is perfect.
I got mine from Nordstrom's during the sale but you can
get a super similar one from Hellofab.

Knit beanie::
Keeping your head warm is super important since all your body heat escapes
from your head or feet.
My goto's for beanies are Gap, Old Navy or Target.

Chunky scarf::
Going along with the theme of staying warm a chunky scarf is always a good idea.
I usually head to Etsy for a good quality handmade one.

I like the ones that don't crease your hair.
You can get them everywhere but I love Knotieties
because she really does have every color and pattern you can imagine.

Printed leggings::
Some fun printed leggings are great with a big chunky sweater
and some ankle booties.
Groopdealz & Jane are great places to find cute ones.

Warm socks::
Sweater socks for those nights when it's super cold
and you need to keep your toes warm.
I love American Eagle or H&M for them.

Riding boots::
These are definitely an essential in my book
they have so many different cute ones plus you can get them in any color.
DSW or Famous Footwear are great for cheaper options.

I good quality watch is important to get your kids to school on time.
Michael Kors and Kate Spade always have amazing watches
sure they are a bit pricey but a watch is something you can keep for a long time
and you need a high quality one that will last.

An oversized, warm, comfy sweater is 100% an essential for me.
I get cold easy so a good layering sweater is necessary.
Old Navy, H&M + Forever21 are great places to look for them.

Polka dot skinnies::
I have a pair of these and they are by far my favorite jeans right now.
I wear them all the time and with everything!
I got mine from Gap
but you can find them at Target, Old Navy + Forever21 right now.

Dark nail polish::
Gotta keep your fingers up with the color trends
and fall colors.
Essie, "Twin Sweater Set" + "Vested Interest" 
are my favorite colors.

A good wallet is an essential in my opinion.
Mine fits my cell phone so I can use it as a clutch also.
Kate Spade is good for an expensive one or Forever21 is great for a cheaper version.

Berry colored lipstick::
A good berry colored lipstick is perfect for fall.
Bare Minerals, "Never Say Never" is my favorite.

A good mascara is always important.
But in the fall a dramatic eye can be so fun to play around with.
So Benefit, "They're Real" is perfect.

A great foundation that has good coverage is something you need in the fall.
I use Benefit, "Hello Flawless" and love it.

Eye Brightener::
I totally need an eye brightener all year round but in fall I need it way more.
I use Bare Minerals, "Stroke of Light" and it works great.
It even conceals a little bit.

I have to have Chapstick with SPF because I get
canker sores super easily because I have a genetic disease that causes them.
My favorite is Soft Lips, "Raspberry Mint" it just tastes so good.

Body Lotion::
The cool air dries out my skin so super fast that a really moisturizing
lotion is super important for me.
I can't stand when my hands feel dry.
I love Bath & Body Works, "Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin" because it smells so good
and it's triple moisture.

A tablet::
I love having my iPad in fall to play games + reading favorite my blogs.
I got mine for Christmas a few years ago.
Amazon, Apple, or Barnes & Noble are places to find different tablets.

A good pair of booties is essential for a cool day when you don't want to wear knee high boots.
I got mine from Jessica Simpson.
But DSW has some amazing ones right now.

Face lotion::
A really good moisturizing face lotion is so important because of the drying weather in fall.
I love Dermalogica's, "Skin Smoothing Cream".

Eye cream::
I moisturize my eyes with something other than my face cream since your eye area is
so much more sensitive.
I use Bare Minerals, "Renew and Hydrate Eye Cream" and I really like it.

A little bit darker eyeshadow in the fall is something fun to play with.
I really like this trio from Bare Minerals
because you get 3 colors and they all work together
and complement each other.

A good primer is important to keep your makeup on your face all day.
I have been hearing great things about
Benefit, "Stay Flawless" and I am going to go get it for fall.

Rain Boots::
A good looking pair of rain boots is super important here in Oregon.
It rains most of fall so keeping your feet dry is not always easily done without them.
I got some Hunter Rain Boots for my birthday last year + love them!

Face Powder::
A good face powder keeps your face from looking shiny
and also helps keep your makeup on all day.
I like Bare Minerals, "Mineral Veil" because it's translucent.

A more berry colored blush is great for fall 
because of the darker colors you are sporting in clothing.
I am going to try MAC, "Love Thing" because I love MAC blushes.

Brown Bag::
A large brown tote bag is perfect for fall.
I love this one from Jessica Simpson 
because the bow is adorable!

Flannel shirt::
A cute flannel shirt is a great statement piece plus super cute.
I got mine from Old Navy + Forever21.

A good comfy pair of slippers is great for those cold nights in.
I found those at Old Navy 
but Macy's has some great options too.

Pumpkin Spice Latte::
This is should be obvious.
On cold days a nice hot Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks is perfect to warm you up.

I love soup + salad/sandwiches in the fall.
It's my comfort food. 
This recipe here for Butternut Squash soup looks delish 
and I am definitely going to be trying it this fall.

Long Sleeve T-shirt::
A cute, comfy long sleeve t-shirt is essential in the fall.
On those days that are cool but cold enough for a jacket or sweater.
This one from American Eagle is something I am coveting.

A good glass of wine can warm you up on those cold nights in with your hubby.
I like Skinny Girl + Cupcake, "Red Velvet".

Pajama Set::
A cute pajama set is something that'll keep you warm but still keep you looking cute.
Victoria's Secret has the best ones but 
Target really stepped up their game last year 
and I'm hoping they'll have some cute ones again this year.

A comfy, cozy robe is good to keep you warm when you're lounging at home
watching some TV or movies.
I got mine at American Eagle years ago + still love it.

A good movie on a cold night with your honey is a perfect evening in my opinion.
I like the Harry Potter series or the Twilight Saga.

Good books are something I love in fall. 
I am a reader + always have been so in fall when you have that fire going 
and it's cold outside + raining it's my favorite activity.
I am super excited for the 3rd book in the Divergent Trilogy
Allegiant coming in October.

A great smelling candle is essential.

A good blanket to curl up under next to the fire while reading your book 
and drinking your wine is exactly what I love.
I love this blanket from Pottery Barn.

I love a fire in the fall. 
An essential when buying our new home is going to be a fireplace.
We have one in this house and I love turning it on at night and cozying up with the hubs.


Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes
Birthday wishes by libbyuglesich featuring American Eagle Outfitters

My birthday is in exactly a month so I wanted to make a visual list of what
is on my wish list for this year.
I'd love any of said things above.


Some honesty

My weight is a huge issue in my eyes. 
I am completely uncomfortable in my own body. 
I can't look in the mirror without being completely disgusted with what I see.
I have been on Weight Watchers since January 
but I have not lost the weight I was hoping to lose in that time.
I love food and I don't want to give up what I love to eat.
But I need a change!
I NEED to be able to look at myself in the mirror
and love myself again.
I fell off of WW for a little bit I am getting myself back on it this week.
My husband loves me no matter what I look like
and he tells me that every day
but I don't love myself.
I want to be able to look in the mirror and at least feel good about what I look like.
I want to be able to play with my children without being out of breath.
I want to fit into the clothes I love and look good in them.
I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

I actually truly hate myself right now. 
There isn't one thing about myself that I can say I love or even like for that matter.
I think I am disgusting. 
But I need help...
I don't know how to do this myself.
I'm at a loss.
I have been praying for guidance and what to do.
I don't feel like I have gotten an answer.
But I am still waiting for it...
and I will continue to wait for it until it comes.
I know the Lord is busy and has lots of other requests from others.
I am just one tiny girl waiting for an answer.
He'll come when the time is right
and so I wait.

I will continue Weight Watchers
and I am hoping that I can try a Barre3 class soon.
I have done some research the past couple days on it
and it looks like fun + a great workout.
I just have to find the means to pay for it since our house is up for sale we don't have a ton of extra money for that kind of thing.
I am just doing workouts at home now for the time being.

So hopefully something will begin to happen.
Wish me luck 
and keep me in your prayers.


Lilah's 9 month photos

For Lilah's 9 month photo's I had been thinking about it since her 3 month pictures...
I knew I wanted it somewhere extremely colorful
and either have ice cream, candy or fro-yo.
So when Lauren found Menchies and showed me this amazing polka dot wall 
I knew that we had found where we were doing her pictures. 
I wanted her and me in something colorful
but the boys needed to be more neutral so that it wouldn't be to overwhelming.
We had a blast eating fro-yo
and having our pictures taken by the amazing Lulabell Photography 
because when we're Lauren we always have a good time.
These pictures came out exactly like I had envisioned them from the very beginning
if not better! 
She really couldn't have captured my vision any more accurately.
Thank you Miss Lauren for the amazing job!

 photo PicMonkeyCollage2_zpsec9fd703.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsbc9f3347.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage3_zpsb0c3e494.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage4_zpsd103375f.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage1_zps50a43099.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage5_zpsfa1614ba.jpg
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