let's stop the judgement!

I want to start this off by saying that I am in no way perfect 
and am definitely at fault for doing this myself. 
I just think we need to confront it head on... 
We as women need to listen to each other 
and actually hear what the other women are saying.

We as women need to be so much more supportive to each other than we are. 
In everything... 
In motherhood {& everything that comes with it}... 
In body image... 
In relationships...
Let's just support each other! 
Stop judging each other and love each other for who we are. 
We are all different but yet we're all the same. 
We all come from different places 
and have different relationships 
and lives, but we all have feelings 
and we all have to be willing not only to see the difference{s} but understand them.
I love just like you do. 
I see faults in myself every.single.time I look in the mirror just like you. 
I have rough days and amazing days just like you. 
I have special qualities just like you. 
I work so hard to be happy just like you. 
I feel just like you. 

I don't want to care that you breastfed your kid when I didn't...
I don't want to care that you feed your kids all organic when I feed my kids whatever...
I don't want to care that you are in perfect shape and I am so far from it it's not even funny...
I don't want to care that you have a best friend but I don't...
I just want to see you 
and know you 
and love you for who you are.
In all your beautiful, amazing, funny, charming, sweet glory!

So why can't we just support each other and say I understand... 
I'm here for you no matter what.
So this is what I propose that we stop judging 
and start supporting each other no matter 
our differences or our similarities!


mac+cheese me recipe

The blizzard continues so when I needed to make lunch for the kids 
and myself yesterday I decided to make 
a homemade mac+cheese.
I found a recipe on Pinterest but I modified it for what we had
and for our tastes.

Here's how I made it::

8 ounces pasta (any kind will work)
pinch of salt
4 tbsp butter
3 large eggs
1 cup whole milk
3 cups x-tra sharp cheddar cheese
1 tsp flour
1/2 carton Mushrooms (or any vegetable or even chicken)
1 tsp Garlic seasoning

Cook the pasta according to the directions on the box 
(and don't forget to salt your water it's the only time you get to season your pasta)
While that's cooking grate the cheese.
Once the pasta is finished cooking 
(save a little cooking liquid)
and strain it
add 3 tablespoons of the butter to the pasta 
and mix until it's completely melted
and covers all the pasta. 
In a small sauce pan on medium heat add the milk, eggs, cheese and flour
and whisk until the cheese is melted 
and the sauce is smooth 
and has thickened.
Add your noodles to your sauce and mix... mix... mix!
In a pan sauté your mushrooms in the remaining tablespoon of butter
and garlic seasoning until golden brown.
I dished up the kids then added the mushrooms because both my kids hate them
but I wanted a way to cut down on the carbs 
and add some veggies to mine


Snow Cream Recipe

I thought I'd share my recipe for snow cream today since we are having a blizzard here in Oregon which NEVER EVER happens so it's a big deal!

Here is how I made it for my kiddos + Husband::

1 cup fat free milk
1/3 cup sugar
3/4 of tsp of vanilla
pinch of salt
Sprinkles (optional)
6 cups of snow packed (approximately)

Mix the milk, sugar, vanilla + salt in a bowl 
and place in the freezer.
Go grab your snow 
(I recommend letting your mixture sit in the freezer for a little while...
so this is a great time to take the kiddos out and play!)
Grab your mixture from the freezer
and add the snow. 
You can add as much or as little as you want, 
I just kept adding until I got the consistency I liked.
Scoop and add your sprinkles 
then ENJOY!


Get it RIght... Get it Tight

My before 1/1/14
I am back on track with my weight loss journey. 
I started back into it on January 1 
and have been keeping pretty steady at eating healthy 
and working out on a regular basis.

gym workout
As you know I've been doing a few fitness related giveaways to help kickstart me into 
really working my booty off in the gym.

family walk to the park
James and I joined a gym at the beginning of this month
and I have been to a couple of Xtend Barre classes which are so much fun.
We've also been on a few family walks when it's been warm/nice enough outside.
I plan on continuing to go to the gym regularly 
and going to Barre classes occasionally.

Barre class
I am also still on Weight Watchers 
and I have been sticking to it pretty well. 
Which has always been difficult for me in the past...
so I am pretty proud of myself right now. 

I also went and got a bunch of brand new adorable workout gear.
I wanted cute clothes to keep me motivated in going to work out in.
I knew that if I had some cute gear I'd be more likely to go so I could wear them
and they wouldn't be a waste of money. 

Wish me luck and I hope you'll stick around to see as I make progress
and change and lose weight!

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