Getting Personal

The beautiful Erin over at Living in Yellow 
is having a pretty amazing link-up
and I decided I needed to join in.

1. If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would it be::
I would love to do high school over. 
There is so much I missed out on because I was so focused on being done with school.
I would have changed how I treated some people 
and would have become a part of more. 
I would have spent more time with my best friend Matty in + outside of school.
I miss him now + wish we would have stayed the kind of friends we were in high school.
I still talk to him on and off but man do I wish I could talk to him like I did back then.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years::
Well I know I will have at least one more kiddo if not two
and I will hopefully in a different home and closer to my parents.

3. Do you honestly want kids::
Well since I have two of them, yes!
I always wanted kids...
when I was a kid myself I always liked to help the littler kids than me.
I dreamed of having my own someday.
And that dream has come true.

4. What has been the best moment of your life so far::
The days both of my kids were born.
It was by far the most amazing feeling in the world to finally get to hold that little baby in my arms 
after carrying them in my belly for 9 long months!

5. What is your life theme song::
Well I really don't think I have a theme song but there are a couple songs that I love 
and could listen to every single day.
With You :: Jessica Simpson
Lullaby :: Shawn Mullins
Five for Fighting :: 100 years
All American Rejects :: Dirty Little Secret
Bethany Joy Galeotti :: Feel This
Chuck Wicks :: Stealing Cinderella
3 Doors Down :: Kryptonite 
Paramore :: That's What You Get
Dream :: Priscilla Ahn
My Wish :: Rascal Flatts
Everything You Want :: Vertical Horizon

6. What is one thing you have yet to accomplish that you want to do before you die::
I have always wanted to learn how to surf.


7. If you could choose one thing to be known for, what would it be::
Being a good friend 
and always being there for my friends no matter what.

8. If you could do anything you wanted right in this very moment (no consequences, no fear, etc), 
what would it be::
Go with my family to a beautiful place
and just relax
and spend as much time with them as possible.

9. What has been the most challenging moment in your life::
This is extremely personal...
But I am going to be brave + let it out today.
when I was sexually assaulted by my boyfriend when I was 17.

10. Summarize yourself in one word::
Learning + Changing
I know that's two words but I cheated.


Lauren Conrad:: look for less

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad by libbyuglesich featuring quilted handbags

I am in love with that dress {both of them actually}
but the cheaper version is so cute and I can't wait to purchase it and add it to my wardrobe.
I have the ring from Forever21.
But the other things I don't have yet but will be purchasing in the near future!
I love Lauren's style so much...
she is so classic + girly.


Dove Real Beauty

I watched this yesterday and cried. 

It's amazing how differently we see ourselves.
Every woman is truly beautiful...
no matter what!


80's Kid Survey

1. What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid::
Rainbow Brite, Care Bears or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

2. Favorite tv show::
Sesame Street, Mister Rogers or Ramblin Rod

3. How many popples did you have::
ha ha I don't know I think 3 or 4

4. Did you play with GI Joe::
I did occasionally with my brother

 5. Do you remember the bad guys name in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles::

6. Which muppet was your favorite muppet::

7. Who was your celebrity crush when you were 8::
I didn't have a celebrity crush at 8 

8. Who was your crush when you were 12:: 
Oh Jonathan Taylor Thomas!

9. Movie you watched over and over again when you were a kid::

10. Favorite 80's song::
Ice Ice Baby

11. Did you play barbie religiously::
not really, I was into American Girl dolls

12. Best board game from the 80's::
Candyland, Mousetrap, Chutes + Ladders and Hi Ho Cherry-O

13. Did you have a collection of slap bracelet's::
yes, yes I did

14. Favorite 80's cereal::

15. Did you have an Alf stuffed doll::
no but we watched the show every week

16. Did you have a glow worm::
yes I did

17. Do you remember Teddy Ruxpin::
yes we had one!

18. Do you remember Kid Sister::

19. Favorite Happy Meal toy::
the chicken nuggets

20. Favorite 80's toy::
Cabbage patch doll or my people


mama + mini style #3

mama + mini3

I love stripes + florals but pairing them together is something new that I am going to try this spring + summer seasons.
I love both these dresses + those shoes are awesome! 
Just such a cute combo. :) 


Kristen Bell:: look for less

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell by libbyuglesich featuring cowboy booties

I am still working on purchasing the items for this look.
I have the necklace from Target
and the black booties from Charming Charlie's.
That dress is also from Target
and the jacket is from Asos + it's 84$ but that's way,
way cheaper than 363$ for the one she wore!
I am so excited to finish this look because it's just so adorable
and even though I'm not pregnant this is an cute look for anyone!


BHI's Start Fresh Buy New Houses

As a homeowner there are always things about a home
when you buy, that you would like to change,
so building your home would be so much easier in my opinion.
So you could pick everything out exactly the way you like.

My husband and I would love to build our own home and pick all the colors
and flooring, countertops, and back splashes for each room.
Newly built homes allow you to personalize it to fit your needs,
make it personalized to our tastes
and our lifestyle.
We would use dark wood in the kitchen cabinets and a neutral colored back splash
with dark hardwoods throughout the downstairs
with darker speckled carpets to keep the spills disguised.
{because with a toddler and an infant spills happen on a daily basis}

Also newly built homes allow you to trade your to-do list for a want-to-do list 
{no need to spend time on repairing, remodeling, etc.}
With buying our house came a ton of work which we were excited about in the beginning
because we didn't have kids at the time but now two kids later we don't have time to be
doing projects on our house. 
We'd love to get a house that wouldn't need any work done on it. 
If you want to find out more about where to find out about buying new homes,
you can go to BHI's Start Fresh Buy New Website by going here:: 

It is now our new goal to build our next house so that we can pick all our
own looks for the whole house
and have no projects once we are moved in!
And it's a good thing we are actually in the process of getting our home ready to put up for sale
so that we can move into a home that we would love to have built just to suit us
and have it look exactly the way we want.
I am particular about the way things look in my home so being able to make it mine from the start would be a dream come true!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Dave Ramsey:: financial peace university... starting over!

We went through Dave Ramsey's:: Financial Peace University when I was about 8 months pregnant with Zane so in April/May 2010. 
We took the class at a local church near our house and when we started the class we got the 
along with all the classes and a lifetime membership, 
so if we ever wanted to take the classes again all we have to do is find a class somewhere 
and we can sign up and go for free. 

We were on track for quite awhile with this plan
and then we get hit with all these huge hospital bills and we totally lost track.
I can't tell you why exactly but I really think it was seeing all those huge numbers we were going to have to payoff. 
I think we both just felt really discouraged!
And we've been off track ever since then, but we just decided to get back on it again.

We sat down together and figured out our budget and how much money is going to go to each 
medical bill, credit card bill, student loan payment, + our mortgage. 
We are excited to be back on track 
and get our finances back in order because we are going to try to put our house on the market in the next couple months. 
We need to get into a bigger house for our growing family...
Two bedrooms is just not big enough for us anymore.
So that means trying to pay off bills so we can start saving for a down payment. 
So wish us luck on staying on track this time + getting ourselves out of debt and into financial freedom!

{all images are via my pinterest}


mama + mini style #2

mama + mini2

mama + mini2 by libbyuglesich featuring beach cover ups

Who isn't loving all things mint right now?!
I know I am obsessed.
And when I found those mini mint jeans for Lilah I knew I'd have to find some for myself to match!
Well now my mama + granmama bought some too,
so we're going to be doing a fun generational shoot in them and I really can't wait!
But also who doesn't love a good bow
and these sandals are so freaking cute I knew we had to have them.
We have already worn the heck out of our mint jeans
and since spring is finally getting here we will definitely be seeing them a lot more.


Jessica Simpson:: look for less

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson by libbyuglesich featuring a colourblock dress

As I posted before I bought that Jessica Simpson Collection dress after seeing Jessica herself
wearing it on Fashion Star.
Well I loved the way she had it styled also so I had to go find MUCH cheaper
versions of what she was wearing with it.
my dress is obviously from JSC for 58.65$ {reg 69$}
my watch is from Target for 14.99$
my shoes are Lauren Conrad for Kohls for 33.99$ {reg 59.99$}
my earrings are from Charming Charlie's for 8.00$
She had all rose gold jewelry paired with it and loved that...
I really love rose gold right now
and it does really go great with this dress!
I love how simple the jewelry was that she paired with it.
Just so earrings + a watch and some nude heels...
I think it's the perfect pairing.


Opening day!

Today is opening day for Baseball + I am so excited!
I am a Yankee fan through + through...
have been my entire life.
My dad grew up a Yankee fan {reading it in the newspaper against his father's permission!}
and so I became one by default but I will always love my boys.

I didn't get really into baseball until about 3.5 years ago when I was pregnant with Zane 
and I was stuck in bed from being so sick.
We watched it constantly + I watched them win the World Series against the Phillies that year!
Then I became a huge fan + watch whenever a game is on now.

It's a home game today against our rivals the Boston Red Sox
and I really hope we can beat the "socks" off of them! {he he he... get it socks}
I'm hilarious I know.
You can bet I am going to be sitting in front of the TV watching for sure this morning.

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