Christmas card/Lilah's one year/Zane's 3.5 years pictures

We have our family Christmas card pictures happening in November
and I have been dreaming up exactly what I wanted us to wear...
Where to have them taken...
and what props I want to use for them.
So for our outfits I think I came up with something pretty amazing.
When James + I were on our trip to San Diego last week...
{Did I mention that we were gone all week on a little vacation just the two of us?!}
I picked up the sweater for Lilah and the jeans for Zane from Zara
because when I saw them both I knew that they were perfect.
I am slowly but surely buying everything for us.
I have the cords on the way from Gap + that amazing fur vest is from H&M 
and will be coming into my hands this weekend!
I will need to find some ankle boots, too.
I have my necklace already and my chambray shirt. 
For Lilah I just purchased the headband...
The dress, tights + boots are all from Old Navy and I plan on picking those up soon.

mama + Lilah

mama + Lilah by libbyuglesich featuring high heel boots

The flannel shirt for James I will be getting probably in a couple weeks.
The jeans + boots James already has.
The sweater and shoes for Zane are from Old Navy
and again I will be getting them as soon as I can.

Daddy + Zane
Daddy + Zane by libbyuglesich on Polyvore

For the location we are using a Christmas tree farm
and I am so darn excited about this!
Kinda like below::

And for our props we will be using this adorable garland::

And this banner::
{but the writing will be red + green alternating letters}via

And this sled::

A plaid blanket::

I am thinking these are going to be some super amazing photos! 
Especially since Lauren of Lulabell Photography is going to be taking them for us.
She really is the best. 
I cannot say enough good things about her.


Fall fashion


fall by libbyuglesich featuring cotton t shirts

This is what you're going to find me wearing a lot of this fall!
Boots, my polka dot jeans and a great bag. 


Origami Owl giveaway

I am so excited for this! 
If you love jewelry 
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There are probably no two alike anywhere.

I have been to two parties for Origami Owl
and bought a locket + charms both times because they are just so amazing.
I also plan on having a party in the very near future.
I am going to host it at my home but probably also have it online too
for all my blogging buddies to get in on the action.

^^ what you are going to win ^^

On to the good stuff.
What you are able to win today::

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Our house is officially up for sale as of this morning! 
We are so excited :) 
Please pray that we can sell it quickly + for what we need to get out of it. 
Thank you for your support!


running to danger

I don't talk much about my husbands job on here and that is because it's a dangerous job.
He goes to work every . single . day with the possibility of never coming home. 
I worry every day all day when my husband is at work. 
Whenever my phone rings and it's a number I don't know and my husband's at work, I am not exactly excited to answer the phone because I don't know if it could be a phone call telling me something has happened. 
My husband risks his life every day so that he can protect everyone else. 
And I love him so much for that but it does not make it any easier to watch him walk out the door. 
Last night he had come home because I was having a meltdown after Zane had woken Lilah from a dead sleep and she was screaming bloody murder no matter what I tried...
so I'd texted him and said, "I need you." 
A few minutes later he was there to help...
He was there for maybe 10 minutes when all of a sudden he says, "I have to go N O W." 
There was urgency in his voice and he ran out of the house...
and I hear him tear out of the driveway with the siren going and lights flashing. 
It was almost 9:30pm at that point and I can tell you right now I was not thrilled but I knew he had to go...
he had to R U N to the danger
To help whoever needed help or try to dissolve the situation at hand. 
I needless to say did not sleep well until I knew he was home safe. 
I didn't get that dreaded phone call last night, thankfully, but it could have come. 
Last night could have been the night that something happened. 
No, I am not waiting for it to happen...
but I know that at any moment it could. 
I love that man so much. 
He loves what he does.
When he told me 
{we were only dating at the time}
that he wanted to be a cop...
I was not thrilled at all. 
I never, ever in my wildest dreams thought I'd be married to a cop.
I didn't want to be married to a cop and be worried every day that my husband wouldn't come home.
But I loved him and I knew that that was what he wanted to do.
So I wanted him to be in a job that he loved so he would be happy. 
I chose to be married to him 
and I knew what I was getting into so don't judge me for saying any of this...
I chose to be in this situation.
But it doesn't mean that I can't worry that he won't come home 
or that he might get hurt.

But what I really want to say is I read a post today on The WiseGuy Diaries
it hit so close to home when I read this and it left me crying. 
A friend of mine whose husband works with mine had posted it on her Facebook
and I knew I needed to share it. 
I also needed to share my feelings on how it feels to hear people say
"I hate cops" or "I don't like cops"
as a wife to one. 
I have heard it many times since I've been married to James 
and it never gets any easier. 
It hurts me to the core. 
It breaks my heart a little bit more every time for my husband.
Because I know people don't like cops 
but do you really have to vocalize it in public or post it on your Facebook?
I don't want to hear how much you hate them
and how awful they are...
because how do you know you're not talking about my husband directly?!
They are doing their jobs 
and all those people who say they hate cops all the time are the first to call them when they need help.
How would it feel for them to see you bashing them
and then something were to happen where you needed them
and they decided oh well they hate us so we're not going to help them!?
Well just so you know not one cop that I know would ever do that no matter how much you bashed them!
They are all completely amazing people 
and they would do anything for anyone to help them not matter what.
They run to the danger...
so please think twice the next time you want to post something 
or say something about hating cops.
I have heard many comments throughout the last 5 years
and some were from close friends of mine
and I will tell you it hurt every time.
I understand that they piss you off because I have gotten tickets 
and been pissed off at the cops but I would never say I hated them.
They are only human
and can only do so much.
They can only make so many people happy.
But I also want to ask you one thing...
Do you send your husband to work everyday wondering if he'll come home?
Do you worry everyday that your children won't get to grow up with a father?
Do you ever stop to think that maybe that lady you're standing next to in line might just have had her husband injured or even killed at work because he ran to the danger?
Yes there are some that aren't always the nicest but did you ever think that they might have just had to see something that no one ever wants to see?
They see horrific things all the time
and see things that shouldn't happen to anyone.
I understand that there are cops who do evil things but most of them are N O T like that at all!
And you need to know that.

I can't express to you how much it hurts me when I hear those things. 
I can't explain to you what it's like to sit at home at night and wonder if he won't come home.
I can't tell you what it's like to know that your children have the chance of not having a father their whole lives.

Yes anyone can die anywhere at anytime 
my husband puts himself in danger everyday to protect you + your family.
He doesn't know you but he does it because he knows it's necessary
and he loves his job...
he truly loves his career. 
It might not be safe but he loves it
and I love him for that.

So I leave you with this...
would you run to the danger?

{I'm sorry if I was a little repetitive in this post but I was just trying to get my point across
and if I offended anyone I am sorry but you need understand that I get offended on a daily basis when people talk that way about cops.}
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