10 Things about Brooke from Bright Wishes

I am so excited to have Brooke from Bright Wishes joining in on my feature.
She is such a doll, has very cute little girl, & is a brand new wife.
I am so glad that you are going to get the opportunity to meet her on my blog.
She truly is an amazing woman!
So I am pleased to introduce you to Brooke: 
Photo Credit: Caroline Ghetes: http://carolineghetes.com/
Twitter: @brightwishes
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bright-Wishes/258388994207438
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/brightwishes/

1. Favorite snack food: 
This is hard because I snack A LOT. 
I'd say sour patch or sour skittles and reeses or kit kats!

2. Favorite place you've ever visited: 
My favorite place is Wilmington, North Carolina

3. Favorite movie: 
My favorite movies are Harry Potter series, 
Transformer series, Bridesmaids, Disturbia, Fright Night, She's The Man. 
I love movies!

4. Favorite childhood memory: 
My favorite childhood memory would be camping with my family and going on the lake.

5. Favorite candle scent: 
Vanilla or Cookies. 
Although I did smell a campfire/s'mores candle the other day and fell in love with it!

6. Favorite way to travel: 
Road Trip!

7. Favorite Starbucks drink: 
I don't drink coffee, but I love their hot chocolate!

8. All time favorite meal: 
I will eat anything breakfast - 
pancakes, french toast, eggs, waffles! 

9. If you could be on a reality show which one would you choose?: 
I barely watch any reality shows but if I had to choose it would be Cake Boss!

10. A fun fact about you: 
Hmmm, if I could work anywhere it would be on a tv set or movie set!

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Andrea said...

Ah! I love Brooke and her blog! So fun:)

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