Thoughts/worries about having 2 kids soon

I am 28 weeks today so that makes me 7 months pregnant and the closer that I get to my due date the more worries come to mind about what's going to happen once I do actually have two kids and am responsible for both of them by myself all day - every day!

The thing that worries me the most is will I be able to juggle having a toddler who wants my attention all the time and an infant that needs me all the time. I know I am going to have to split my time between them as equally as possible but I am worried that Zane is going to resent the fact that I can't do what he wants me to right then & there!

Then there is the will Zane feel like we don't love him as much because we can't give him 100% of our attention all day, every day. What if he starts to resent us because we don't spend all our time with him? What if he is mean to his sister because he resents her for taking his only child position away? {this is a worry because of 1st hand experience & how I felt towards my brother for many, many years!}

I am also so worried that I will become so overwhelmed and completely lose it. I love being a stay at home momma to Zane but I also know that in a little less than 3 months there will be two kids vying for my attention & I am so worried that I won't be able to to juggle everything and I will lose my mind.

So what have I been doing to prepare for all of these things? I have been praying every.single.night for God to take over and to give me peace. I need to learn to hand over the big things in life fully to Him and I think that this is a really great place to start. I know that if I do give complete control over to Him that He will get me through it. There may be times where I feel completely alone and like He is no where to be found in helping me but I will just need to relax and remember that if you ask He will be there for you no questions asked. You may not hear or see him but He's going to be there. The Lord will always be there as long as you don't leave Him. :)

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Allie Darr said...

It's so hard to wrap your head around what it is going to be like! It was terrifying for me when we went from 1 to 2 and then again from 2 to 3. But you will figure it all out and a schedule will slowly form! Zane is going to love the baby so much, you are going to die from the cuteness of the bond they will have! I am so excited for you mama! Keep praying, I know you can handle it! If I can, anyone can hahahaha!!! xoxo

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mandy @a sorta fairytale said...

I totally get this!! I actually wrote a post pretty much exactly the same like 5 months ago before Easton was born! It is hard at first, but I promise you'll get the hang of it! It is an adjustment for everyone, but I have no doubt that you will adapt quickly and before you know it, you won't be able to imagine your life any other way! And you're so right, the Lord is always be there for you, to help you - if only to give you comfort when you need it! :)

Sarah Hettervik said...

Awww I know how you feel. I just had my 2nd 7 weeks ago and I have a toddler who will be two in Sept. You will probably be very busy, but it's all about how you handle it. Whenever my toddler wants my attention when the baby does too, I get her to be my "helper". Handing me whipies, throwing away the diaper, giving the baby a gentle scalp massage (she's really good at it lol!). Again it's busy, but extremely rewarding =)

- Sarah

discoverystreet said...

i go through similar thoughts with just having my first on the way! thanks so much for stopping by my blog...looking forward to "getting to know you." :)

libbyuglesich said...

Your first is so much fun! I was really nervous when I was pregnant if I was going to know what to do and as soon as he got here it was like I had been doing it my entire life... it was second nature... mom instincts truly exist! I have had some rough times of course & had to call my mom or the doc but who doesn't?! You'll be fine & you won't be able to remember life without her. You'll feel like she has been with you for your entire life... it's really crazy how easy it is when they get here!


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