Ergo Giveaway on She Breathes Deeply

Since I've become pregnant for the 2nd 
time with Lilah.
 I've been researching what the best carrier would be for her 
because I have heard many things about different carriers being bad for your baby so I started by talking to my bloggy momma friends 
Melissa, Lauren, Mandy, & Jill and they all recommended the Ergo. 
So I have been searching Craigslist, Facebook, & all my 2nd stores around to try to find a used one because they are so expensive. 

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I have also entered the Ergo a day giveaway on the Ergobaby Facebook page which is still going on. But when I saw that Mandy from She Breathes Deeply was doing a giveaway on her blog today I knew I had to enter it. Hence the blog post... 
it is one of the entries & I really really really want to win one! :) So this is my attempt at trying to get an Ergo

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melissa rohr said...

i will keep my eye out for one for you too!

libbyuglesich said...

Thank you! I have been looking everywhere and haven't had any luck:(

melissa rohr said...

the two i have gotten were total random scores - check craigslist up here and i would be happy to pick it up for you! also, try posting a wanted ad for one, that is how i got mine and she gave it to me for a steal because she hadn't even posted it yet! are you on the babywearing swap group on fb? i can add you and you can watch there too

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