My pregnancy must haves

I thought I would do a little post on my pregnancy must haves this 2nd time around.


1. Pregnancy & Newborn magazine: This is a great resource for when you are pregnant 
& right after baby is born! 
It answers all the questions that every pregnant/new mom need answering. 
Plus I love that in every issue they have great fashion for those pregnant mommas!
2. Izze Soda: this stuff tastes amazing and it has those much needed bubbles for when you have those upset tummy times. 
{that we all know we have occasionally!}
3. Nursing sports bras: These bras are amazingly comfortable 
& they're great for sleeping in when you're pregnant and after baby is born since they are nursing bras.
4. Blanqi belly support: we all know we need extra support for that growing belly of ours during pregnancy and I found the most amazing support there is! 
Plus look at the pretty color it comes in. 
{they also have nude, black, white & a fun tangerine color}
5. 5 Gum - Cobalt: This gum lasts really long and I am almost always chewing some because the peppermint helps with my upset tummy.
6. Tums - Berry: I have major heartburn especially at night so I have a huge pack of those sitting on my nightstand. 
They are a lifesaver in the middle of the night!
7. Ocumarian Truffles: Chocolate is a must have during pregnancy for me and these are amazing chocolates!
8. Bump it Up: This fashion statement book helps pregnant women take ordinary clothes and make them fabulous! 
It's such a great resource for the moms who still want to look stylish while pregnant. 
9. Sprout pregnancy app: This app is great to help you know what is happening every week during your pregnancy. 
10. Water Bobble: We all know water is a must during pregnancy & having a big water bottle next to you at all times is the best way to get your intake of water for the day. 
And since this one has a built in filter it's great for on the go so you can fill it up anywhere and it still tastes amazing. 

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Mandy @ a sorta fairytale said...

Oh gosh. I lived on tums during my pregnancy! Ha ha

Stephanie said...

Where did you find the belly support?! That looks cute and comfy!

Andrea McNutt said...

That belly support IS super cute. I hope you get it!

Also, the bobble water bottle is one of my favorites. I'm so glad you're having a girl, they are SO much fun, mama!


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