10 Things about Alyx from Everyday is a New Adventure

I am so excited to have Alyx from Everyday is a New Adventure joining in on my feature.
She is living in Germany and has a very cute husband, too.
I am so glad that you are going to get the opportunity to meet her on my blog.
She truly is an amazing woman!
So I am pleased to introduce you to Alyx: 
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/everydayisanewadventure

1. Favorite snack food:
Oh, man. 
There's not really an abundance of snack foods here in good ole Deutschland,
but I'd have to say pretzels.

2. Favorite place you've ever visited:
Hmm let's see here.
I'm going to have to say either Rothenburg ob der Tauber (a small town in Germany) 
or Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. 

3. Favorite movie:
Hands down 10 Things I hate about You. 
I can quote the whole movie.

4. Favorite childhood memory:
Going for long walks with my grandpa - 
he was the greatest!

5. Favorite candle scent:
Anything that smells like clean laundry.
I love the Yankee Candle laundry one...
can't remember the exact name. 
What a weird smell to like, right?

6. Favorite way to travel:
I HATE how long it takes by train, 
and I get carsick.

7. Favorite Starbucks drink :
Strawberries and cream Frappuccino.

8. All time favorite meal:
Man, this is a toughie.
I'd have to say that it's constantly changing as I discover new foods, 
but right now it's probably curry. 
A pretty steady favorite is steak and potatoes, though.

9. If you could be on a reality show which one would you choose?:
Jersey Shore, 
so I could hi-five Snookie in the face. Ha!
Totally kidding,
I'm really not a violent person.
I would love to be on Amazing Race!

10. A fun fact about you:
I used to be able to eat a whole large pizza by myself 
(that was when I was like 14, 
I can no longer do this -
my stomach would probably explode.)

Every Day is a New Adventure

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