Weight loss and Zane

So as of this morning I am officially down TEN pounds! I am so excited. I started my weight loss journey at 167 and I am down to 157. 4! I am very proud of myself. It has taken me a few months to get here but I finally made it and I am overjoyed with my progress. It definitely gives me motivation to keep going and work harder to get those last 15 pounds off! 

Tomorrow we are taking my little man to get his first haircut! I can't believe I have to cut his hair before he is even a year old but it is so shaggy that it is always falling into his eyes and he gets upset because of it and I want it to look good for his Birthday in a couple weeks so I think this is the perfect time to cut it so it will be grown out just a little bit. I am very curious to see how he reacts when we take him in. Some kids cry and some kids do just fine. My mom said that I was fine but my brother cried his eyes out. We are taking him to this place in my area called Pigtails and Crewcuts for little kids and it has cars for them to sit in and TVs to watch while they cut their hair so we will see how he does and I will definitely have pictures before, during, & after for you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

My little guy has had 2 haircuts (sad) and we went to a kids place, car/chair to sit in ... he loves it! I bet Zane will do great :)

Congrats on the 10 pounds, that is awesome!!!

Maegan :)

Give Back Today said...

Congrats Libby! I am dieting too. Have you ever checked out myfooddiary.com before? It has some great resources and it is only 9 dollars a month! Good Luck your hard work is paying off!

Melanie givebacktoday.blogspot.com

Kimberlee said...

Congrats on hitting the 10 pound mark. I've been trying to motivate myself for a while now to lose a bit of weight. Yesterday I started. Woot! It feels good to finally commit to it.

My little guy had his first haircut when he was 5 months old. He's a blondie now, but when he was a newborn he had out of control black hair. I think he had 3 or 4 haircuts before he turned one.

Libby's Life said...
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nicole. said...

i wanna be down 10 pounds... you should do a link up ;)

love the new look of you blog too

Jana said...

Good Job Libby!!

Cara S. said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That is a BIG deal, if you don't think so...go grab yourself a 10 pound bag of sugar...that is a lot of weight. Or just think 10lbs is about the size of a 2 month old! Youi lost a whole 2 month old baby LOL! Keep up the great work!

stephanie said...

Congrats on the loss, that is awesome!

Ashley D. said...

Just stopping by to follow you back! :) How did the haircut go?

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