So my weight loss journey isn't going the way I had hoped it would and there a few things that have gotten in the way. 1) James leaving and being gone for 4 months 2) Zane deciding that naps are for sissies and he doesn't need them anymore 3) the fact that we are basically still in the middle of winter here in good old Portland, Oregon 4) I have just had the motivation to get myself up and start really working out. So this past week I decided that I was going to give myself an ultimatum: either lose the weight or be completely unhappy for the rest of my life. After I did that I decided it would be much more motivation for myself to get into the workout part of my weight loss journey if I gave myself smaller goals then to just look at it as losing 30 - 40 pounds! So I am breaking it up into 10 pound increments and when I reach that next 10 pound loss I will reward myself with something that I want each time. I know it sounds a little selfish but I really need this extra little push because I have a hard time making myself workout on a regular basis so I think if I have a small goal to reach I will work harder to get there so I can get whatever I choose it is I want after that 10 pounds is gone.for.good! (well until I get preggers again that is.) So for my first 10 pound weight loss goal I am thinking when I get there which I will be down to 147 pounds because I am at 157 now and I started at 167. I am think I will give/get myself a few new clothes items seeing as I will be down 20 pounds from where I began and I will need it. I think that is a good little incentive for myself to get there. It will probably end up being a really cute new dress and skirt and maybe a top or two. I am really going to do it this time because I need to be happy with myself again. I haven't liked the way I looked for a VERY, VERY long time and I don't want to feel that way anymore. So wish me luck on my new adventure into my weight loss journey!

Maybe a couple dresses like these:
Jessica Simpson
Banana Republic
Or a skirt like this:

Old Navy
Or some cute shirts like these:

Old Navy


Jana said...

How about lose the weight or decide to be happy with your beautiful self the way you are. I will tell you something my uncle said when I was at my largest (and I was pretty big) he said "thin isn't everything" and you know what? it isn't. Something that really worked for me was to tell myself that I chose my body to be the way it is by choosing what I put in my mouth. It really helped me to feel in control (where I had felt like I had had no control for so long) That was a real turning point for me...it made me feel less anxious about my weight and allowed me to feel at peace. You are beautiful! You have a great husband who loves you and a beautiful child...and when you are truly ready you will get there. For now, don't be so hard on yourself. You have a lot going on...

Samantha said...

I like this post! I need to work on motivation - and like you I have been looking at the long term (for me is 30-40lbs)so I think I need to look at short term goals. Thanks for sharing!

stephanie said...

Motivation was what helped me to lose weight- I lost 50 lbs in a little less than a year! And those clothes you posted? So cute! Definitely good motivation!!

Gillian said...

i just try to do things one step at a time - literally! a few extra steps everyday on my walk, a few extra dance moves in front of the crib for the little's entertainment, it all counts! and if you do fall apart and eat and entire carton of ice cream and a box of double stuff oreos (yum!), don't beat yourself up, just remember to try again tomarrow. good luck!

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