My Mother's Day 2011

So my Mother's didn't go as we had planned. We were going to go to church this morning but then we woke up and we were both exhausted and so we decided together that we would skip it today and just spend time at home. I had to get James's laundry done before he left for the week anyways. So it helped that we weren't going. (Thankfully I only have one more Sunday after this one until James is done with Academy and is home for good! PRAISE THE LORD! It has been a long 4 months.) My boys gave some very nice cards and then my hubby told me that he had ordered me this beauty from Gussy Sews:

Gift from Zane ;) {Diapers/Wipe Wristlet}
And he is also getting me a massage for once he is home so I can have some much needed mommy alone, relaxation time! I am very excited for both of these wonderful gifts!

Luckily yesterday we went to breakfast with my family to celebrate Mother's Day because my mom had to fly out yesterday afternoon (she's a flight attendant for Horizon Air). So we had to celebrate with them yesterday and it was fabulous! We went to Tom's Pancake House and they have amazing food and we got a good 3 generation and 4 generation pics before we parted ways. It is our first time getting a picture of all 4 generations and my son is almost a year old. I can't believe we hadn't done it earlier but it was a special day for us to do it so I am glad we finally did it yesterday!

My hubs and son also took me to my all time favorite restaurant Mio Sushi! It was absolutely divine. I love that place so much I could eat it every single week! I would but James won't let me do that. We had all our favorite rolls; The California Roll, The Philadelphia Roll, The Spicy Tuna Roll, The Mio Roll, & my all time favorite The Double Crunch Roll (It's the deep fried one in the middle).

Sorry for the blurry photo couldn't get it to focus
So all in all I have to say that I had a fabulous first Mother's Day just hanging out with my boys at home. Relaxing is sometimes good for the soul and today was the perfect day for just that. So thank you to both my boys for giving me such a wonderful day. I love you both so much!


nicole. said...

aw happy mothers day. {mine didnt. go. as. planned either. at. all.

Young People in Love said...

looks like you had a great day! and that sushi looks divine! mmmm....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!

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