Royal Wedding

So my morning was consumed with watching all things Royal Wedding. I recorded the wedding so that I cold watch it when I woke up because there is no way I could have gotten up to watch it when I have to watch the boy all day by myself with no help since daddy is still gone. He will be home tonight but still I would have been exhausted if I got up to watch it so I just chose to record and watch this morning when the boy and I got up.

I have to say that this wedding to me was absolutely amazing. I cried... I don't know them but I cried because it is such an amazingly sweet moment between two people and you can tell that they love each other so very much and the fact that they let the entire world into their wedding was amazing. I was also born in the same year as both of them so to me I feel a small connection with them because of that. I love her dress it was absolutely stunning. Everything about it was just perfect and I know there will be many, many knock offs all over the world for future brides to wear.

I also feel for Prince William and not having his mother there. I can't imagine how he was feeling because I know how close he was to her and how much he misses her. But to have his new bride wear her ring is amazing. It is such an awesome tribute to his mom.

Overall I have to say it was absolutely beautiful! I loved every minute of it. It was SOOO romantic and made me go back in my mind to my wedding day and think about how happy & excited I was to marry my best friend and to see that happen to two very special people on national television was truly amazing. So thank you Prince William & Princess Kate for letting us in on your special day! I will never forget it.

So my one word to sum it all up: STUNNING


LeAnna said...

Thanks for the comment! I have to agree with you about the RW, it was beautiful! I didn't get to watch the whole thing, just bits and pieces. It was so neat. Cute blog, I love decorating on a budget! I'm your newest follower...

Andrea Neudorf said...

You used the perfect word to describe it all: Stunning. Loved it!! All of it!! Cute Blog!!!

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