Show Us Your Life - Mother's Day/Father's Day Ideas

On Kelly's Korner today she is doing Show Us Your Life - Mother's Day/Father's Day Ideas. I thought I'd link up to her today and tell you my ideas for what I would like on Mother's day for myself and my mom, grams, & MIL and then also my ideas for what I want to do for James for Father's day and of course something for my daddy!
Me on Mother's day 2010
So for Father's day for James we decided that he is going to get his tattoo for Zane. It is what he wants and I know it's really sentimental for him. I also would like to take him to lunch or dinner wherever he wants to go.

For my daddy I am thinking of getting him something sports related because that is what he loves! Probably something Yankees because it will be Baseball season on Father's day.

For my mom, grams, & MIL I am thinking I probably want to get them mani/pedi's because what woman doesn't love pampering?! And for a 92 year old there isn't much else they need! And my mom works 2 jobs and never has any time to herself because my grams lives with her and my dad and she can't drive so my mom is always running her around plus she does so much for us that I think she deserves some pampering! I am also going to tell my dad he should get her a day at the spa... because she needs some time to herself to relax!!!

For me I want to RELAX! Since James has been gone for the last 3 months and will be gone until the 21st of May I really need some time to myself! I love my baby and being with him 24/7 but to not have anytime at all since James has been gone it would be amazing to have some time to just relax! So I would love to have a day of pampering too! A day at the spa would be absolutely amazing! Here in Portland the best spa is Dosha and this is where I would love to be sent for the day. I have also asked James that I have Mother's day after he is back because he'll still be gone when Mother's day is so I want to be able to have my day after he is home from training!!! But on actual Mother's day I want to wake up and just hang out with my hubs and baby boy, maybe go to lunch at Mio Sushi and then go grab a few cupcakes from St. Cupcake. That is what I would love it would be perfect day!

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