So I am a little late posting this but it's been a crazy last two days. James of course left Sunday night after dinner around 7. So I was alone again... on Monday morning I had to take the car in to get the CD player fixed and my mom came to get Zane and me. She brought us back here so that I could take a shower and get ready then we went to her house and Zane took a short nap. Then we went out and ran errands and when you have an almost one year old and a 93 year old with you errands take a lot LONGER than they normally would. We went to Costco, American Eagle, Target, & Fred Meyer. We did get pretty much everything done that we needed to get done. Then we went to my parents house and had dinner and then my mom took us to get our car and we went home and went to bed.

Then today we had a lunch date with a good friend of mine. But we had to meet her to pick up my bridesmaid dress because they were in and she wanted me to try it on so she could see it on. It looks okay. I really need to lose a ton of weight by her wedding in September! I am working on it. So we had lunch after and then went over to my parents house and Zane napped and I hung out watching TV for a little bit. Then we had dinner and came home. I fed Zane a bottle and put him to bed about an hour ago and he was in asleep within 5 minutes of putting him down. He was exhausted from the last two days.

So on to Easter we went to Church in the morning and it was an amazing service... as always! We then went to lunch with James's mom. She got Zane a very cute little outfit, a Baby Einstein MP3 player (it plays classical music... so awesome!), and the book You are my Sunshine (which I sing to him almost every single day). We then came home and Zane took a nap and I cleaned up the living room and kitchen/dining area and James payed some bills and then ran to his work to pick something up. Then Zane woke up and we gave him his Easter basket... The Easter bunny brought him a teddy dressed as a bunny, swim trunks, a bunny book, 4 Sesame Street books, a Praise Baby CD, A Veggie Tales DVD, a toothbrush and toothpaste. After that we went out to dinner with my family and they got him Easter baskets too and I can't even remember what all was in them. But all in all Zane's first Easter was a big success!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy couple days! Sometimes those busy days are great because they wear out the kiddo huh?! He's adorable!

Maegan :)

Jana said...

your family is looking SO darling!!

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