Personal styling lookbook

I am not the most stylish person 
but I do love fashion.
So when I was on Bloglovin the other day 
and Lauren from La Petite Fashionista's blog popped up with this post 
I knew I needed to go get a style consult from her right away.

We are going on an anniversary trip in July or August to celebrate 5 years
{without the kids!!!}
and I wanted to have some really 
comfortable + cute clothes to wear that would be easily transitioned from day to night.
So I went over to Keaton Row 
and signed up for an account + filled out the questionnaire 
and then sent my request for a Look Book from Lauren for our trip.

Lauren did an absolutely amazing job putting together a look book for me with a bunch of different
looks that are super comfy and will transition so easily.

This is my favorite look she sent over!
I love everything about this look.
That dress looks super comfortable and who doesn't love a denim jacket?!

This is another fave from my lookbook.
I want that maxi dress in my closet like now!

So I definitely recommend if you are fashionably challenged like I am
and you have something coming up that you really want help figuring out what to wear for it...
Go to Keaton Row and request a lookbook from Lauren!
She is super, sweet 
and really listens to what you are looking for.


Beth @ Design Your Dwelling said...

So cool that you did a style consult! :)

Hayley @ A Beautiful Exchange said...

These are adorable picks! So cute!

Lauren said...

Libby, she did an amazing style consult for you! What a great idea :) xo

LaPetiteFashionista said...

aw you are so sweet, thank you for the kind words libby! I hope you two have a WONDERFUL vacation!!


libbyuglesich said...

thank you and that first outfit is being completely recreated by me and when we get back from our vacation in August I will post pictures so that you can see it in action! I loved everything you did for me but that was my favorite. Thank you again.

libbyuglesich said...

thank you. She really did an awesome job getting my style and picking things that I would really love to wear!

libbyuglesich said...

She really did and I love all of it and can't wait to recreate those looks!

libbyuglesich said...

it was so much fun and I'd highly recommend you do it if you have something fun coming up!

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