7 Pretty Things

I am linking to Gussy today for her 7 Pretty Things Sunday.


1. I am totally in love with these movies & the relationship between Ron & Hermione.
The way he looks at her makes me swoon!!
2. I love this bathroom... the tub is amazing with the curtains around it how relaxing.
3. I love this maternity picture & I am wanting very badly wanting to be pregnant right now.
4. I am thinking of doing this to my hair once it's all grown out again. Loving it!
5. I am loving this whole outfit to me it just screams classic.
6. Someday I will be able to visit Paris but for now I must see it through pictures.
7. I am loving the long sweater with the hunter boots & gray sweater tights. Comfy at it's best!!

I am hoping you are all having a very relaxing & wonderful Sunday.
I'll be back later this week with a 20 month post.

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rose said...

Mmmmm I have a BEAUTIFUL old claw-foot bathtub in a huge beautiful bathroom.... the only bathroom in a house where I live with 3 messy male roommates! I dream of turning it into an oasis but with my current living situation, it would never work.

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Noelani said...

oooh, I am totally digging #2 and #4 :)

Laura Hernandez said...

Loving the hair in #4 and the boots in #7! Linking up from The Blog Hop (#28)! Come and visit me at http://our-reflection.blogspot.com

Andrea said...

Oooh, beautiful pictures! Love the classic outfit and the maternity photo, I will have to try it one of these days!

BF said...

Those are all great pics for your 7 loves! I felt myself just slipping into a relaxing state just looking at that tub! And those sweater tights and boots are perfect!

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