10 Things about Karly from Plums and Mustard

I am so excited to have Karly from Plums and Mustard joining in on my feature.
She is so cute & is married to her sweet husband.
I am so glad that you are going to get the opportunity to meet her on my blog.
She truly is an amazing woman!
So I am pleased to introduce you to Karly: 

Hey ya’ll. I’m excited to be answering some questions on Libby’s blog! Isn’t she so dang cute! :] I’m going to list a bunch of random facts about me, and then if you don’t think I’m too crazy, head on over to my blog and tell me some things about you!:] Here’s some of the questions I’m answering!

1. Favorite snack food: 
My favorite snack food…hmm. 
But there’s so many? 
Snacking is one of my favorite things to do! 
I love a good rits cracker and cheese, or a saltine with peanut butter! 
Yum Yum! 
I work at a preschool and we have these snacks a lot…
its because the kids like them..right. ;)

2. Favorite place you've ever visited: 
When I was a Freshman in high school, 
my parents surprised us with a cruise for Christmas! 
We went on a Disney cruise, we visited the Bahamas and that was pretty fun. 
But better than that, the next year, 
I went to visit my family in California and we ended up going to Tijuana. 
Talk about the most humbling experience! 
I wanted to give all those cute little kids each a quarter, 
but there was too many of them.

3. Favorite movie: 
This is so embarrassing, 
but when I get asked this question, 
my first thought is Titanic? Haha. 
I do love that movie. 
My new favorite is the proposal with Sandra Bullock. 

4. Favorite childhood memory: 
This one is a tough one. 
I have a lot of memories traveling to watch my brother play baseball. 
I love the game, and sitting in the hot summer with some sunflower seeds watching him play summer after summer was a great memory. 
I also thought 8 out of the 9 players on his team were total babes. Oh man.

5. Favorite candle scent:
and by candle, you mean SCENTSY! :] 
I love anything like warm sugar cookies, vanilla icing...
anything light like that.

6. Favorite way to travel: 
Depends on where I’m going.

7. Favorite Starbucks drink: 
I don’t drink coffee, but I do love a good crème’ frappicino. 
I love the pumpkin spice one right now. 
Most of the time I go for a double chocolate chip or vanilla bean. Yum.

8. All time favorite meal: 
All this food is making me hungry! 
I love café’ rio and anything Mexican! 
My total favorite and I probably could DIE for it. 
Maybe. Nah. But dang.

9. If you could be on a reality show which one would you choose?: 
Let me let you in on something, I don’t have cable. 
Nope. We have a flatscreen and a DVD playa, but don’t have any kind of cable. 
I don’t even know what reality shows are on anymore. 
Although I was at the gym last night and I was motivated to be on biggest loser. Hahaha. 
Seriously, those people are dedicated and awesome! 
Also, while I was there, I saw that fear factor is coming back! 
Its true. I NEED cable. …..ohhh wwaaaade.

10. A fun fact about you: 
I’m 20 years old and next week is my first wedding anniversary with my sweet sweet husband!

Come on by and visit, our blog is about my failures as a cook, the funny things my pre-schoolers say, my photography, our date nights and other random musings! Thanks Libby! :]

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what an adorable couple! so glad i stumbled upon your blog xo

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