The shared room

We live in a very small house that only has two real bedrooms. 
So my kiddos are going to be sharing until we can get moved. 
We are in the process of getting our house ready to put it up for sale so that we can have more space for everyone!
But for now I am going to make their tiny room as functional as possible.
On Zane's side I am starting to get his vintage baseball theme started.
He has a toddler bed {that he has yet to sleep in} but we are working on it. 
We are making both of the kids' bedding because I can't find anything I like at all
plus we don't use bumpers & all crib bedding sets come with them. 


So for Zane's side I really want to make a baseball lamp similar to the one above. 
And we have a bunch of ideas of other things we are going to be making for his room. 
{when we move & he's in his own room again}
We are going to get the single Expedit shelf from Ikea for each kids side for their own personal storage.
I am going to give Zane the bottom 2 shelves for whatever he wants.
But the rest of the shelves will be for cute decor, storage for socks & books. 
I will go to BabiesRUs for those navy storage bins to put the socks in.
I also already have Zane's name above his bed painted in brown.
{walls are light blue with a brown stripe around the middle} 
That quilt is from Pottery Barn & I am dreaming of it for his room in the next house. 
{It's going to happen!!}
His room I have planned is going to be red, navy & white Vintage baseball theme. 
I also want some cute baseball accessories to go on those shelves. 


For Lilah's side of the room I want to get her a cute Eiffel Tower lamp in a white or chrome color.
Also that adorable heart shaped rug from Ikea.
We are making her some Paris themed bedding, we have found 3 of the 4 fabrics we need.
{we're having a hard time finding something to tie the other 3 together!}
I really want a light pink pouf to put on the floor by the rocking chair we already have in the room.
I am going to get the pink storage box from BabiesRUs again.
And I'm thinking this princess piggy bank from Target is perfect for her!
I need to go to Michael's and get her some girly letters for her name & I'm thinking I'll paint them pink or maybe black. 
We are going with a pink & black Paris theme for her room.

Their sides aren't going to match at all but you know what I don't care I want to start getting things for when we are in a bigger house & they have their separate spaces.

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Callie Nicole said...

I'm looking forward to hearing how the room sharing goes - that's our plan for our kiddos too, but I'm a little worried how a newborn's sleep schedule is going to affect Wyatt!

Megan Runion said...

Cute blog-love your ideas! xo.


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