To do before Lilah gets here

Now that we have the official date of Lilah's birth {November 2nd if anyone missed it} there is a list about 5 miles long that we need to complete before she gets here! And with less than six weeks to get it all done I don't know if it's all going to get done before she gets here or not. I sure hope so but I guess we'll see right?! I thought I'd share that list with you here today.

1. Add another rod/shelf to the shared closet. Zane has so many clothes that there is no room in their tiny closet to hang any of her clothes in there unless we add another shelf & rod so that is high on the honey-do list so that I can get all her clothes washed & put away. Since right now they are all sitting in bags on the floor. I also need to purchase her some of those pink baby hangers because Zane's clothes take up all the other hangers we have for baby clothes.

2. Obviously is to wash everything & put it away like I said above.

3. We need to make a trip out to Ikea and pick up two of the Expedit single shelves {in black-brown} so that we have more storage for both of them! We also need to get a couple boxes to put socks, hats, gloves, etc. in them on the shelves.

4. I need to get the letters & paint them for her name to put it above her crib like we have for Zane on his side of the room.

5. I also need to make her a headband/bow holder so that I have a place to put all her cute hair pretties on and their not all in a basket where you can't see them!

6. We need to get out the swing, bouncer, pack&play, etc and set them up.

7. I need to still find her an adorable tutu for her newborn shoot that will happen the week after she's born. I have been scouring Etsy for the perfect one and but I haven't found exactly what I am looking for. So if you know anyone or if you make them please let me know!!

8. We really need to get her bedding made still... we only have 3 of the 4 fabrics that we need for it. We are still searching for the perfect fabric to tie everything together. If you know of any great fabric stores again please let me know.

9. We have to install the car seat in the car and pack our hospital bags for both her & I. James just throws stuff in a bag the day we leave {I know he's crazy!!}

10. I have some things I need to pick up for myself while in the hospital. I really want these pajama's from Victoria's Secret in the pink/white stripe so that I don't have to wear that ugly gown the whole time I am in the hospital! I also need to get some giant pads {I know you all are excited to hear that!} and I want to get some underwear from Target that I can just throw away when I am done with it. My mom just got me a new pair of slippers and those cozy socks {but ones with the sickies on the bottom so that I don't slip if I get up out of the bed with just those on.} I also need to get a couple sleep nursing bras so I am still comfy while I sleep but still am able to nurse in the night. I think that's pretty much all I need to get but that's quite a bit.

11. We need to pick up a few things for Zane to give to him from Lilah when he comes to meet her for the first time in the hospital. We were thinking we'd get him a couple little kid movies like Elmo's potty time, The Brave Little Toaster, or a Curious George movie. And then a couple little toys that he likes.

12. We also have to get all the bottles back out and wash them and go pick up some newborn diapers. We have no diapers for her at this point and I am kind of freaking out about that a little bit!

I think that's about it but there is probably more that needs to be done but I just can't think of them right now. That's a really big list! I hope we can accomplish it all before she gets here. Wish us luck!

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Brittany Belling said...

Good luck! The last few weeks can be overwhelming, but at least you have things to keep you busy as you wait for your little girl!

For a headband holder the best idea I found (and what I did for my little girl) was to decorate an oatmeal canister with scrapbook paper and ribbon. Headbands go around the canister and you can put brushes, hairclips, and ponytail holders inside. Plus, you can use the oatmeal to make oatmeal cookies, win-win! haha

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