Lilah Maye

We set Miss Lilah Maye's c-section date! 
We also have decided to add an 'e' onto the end of her middle name to make it just a little different
and also honor both great-grandma's that way. 
My maternal grandmother's middle name is spelled May and my paternal grandmother's middle name was spelled Mae... 
So adding the 'e' to the end helps honor them both. 
I am so excited to meet my baby girl in less than SIX weeks!!!
I am also going to be writing a post on why we chose to go with a c-section.
So if you have any questions about it please comment & I will answer them in the post. 


morgan said...

what an adorable name!
i wish you all the absolutely best.


Paige said...

Six weeks is going to come so soon! I love the name Lilah Maye...so sweet. Feel good Libby!

Ruthy T. said...

i love her name!

kerry dyer said...

Ahh this is scary! Im due Nov 7th! But not keen on a c-section so who knows when baby will arrive! :) x

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