10 Weeks - Baby #2


How far along? 10 weeks. Baby is about the size of a prune.
Maternity clothes? ha ha I wear maternity pants sometimes already & a couple shirts.
Stretch marks? None from this pregnancy yet. 
Sleep: I have to get up to pee once or twice & whenever Zane needs me... but I also have had some sleepless nights.
Miss Anything? Sushi! I am an avid sushi eater and it pains me to not eat it during pregnancy!
Movement: Nope... still too early.
Food cravings: Nothing really sounds good to me at all because I am constantly feeling sick. 
Gender: Won't find that out for about 10 more weeks... but we would love to have another boy! :)
Labor Signs: Way, way, way too early.
Symptoms: Nausea & vomiting 24/7
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Tired & happy.
Looking forward to: Our vacation to Palm Springs next Friday for a week with my parents & grandma. We're taking Zane to Disneyland one day & I am very excited about that, too! He's going to have the time of his life meeting all his favorites. 

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Stephanie said...

Your bump is so cute!! Hope you feel better soon :(

lrailing said...

Aww.. what a cute baby bump!!! I keep meaning to do these questions for my pregnancy this time around but forget to!! Thank you for reminding me ;-) Sushi... I have never had it!! Lol You'll have to enjoy some for me after the baby comes!! What's your favorite kind? Maybe I will try it in 5 more months ;-) I hope you feel better soon! Nothing like being so sensitive that first trimester! Ugh! Now EVERytHINg sounds good to me, especially sweet stuff! Ha! I hope you have a little boy!! That would be so cute! Zane would be an awesome big brother!!! We're hoping for a girl! We find out next week!!! Enjoy Palm Springs! That sounds like a great relaxing time, fun too with Disneyland!! You'll have to let me know how Zane likes it! Happy Thursday sweetie!


Andrea said...

Enjoy your vacation to the fullest fullest!!!! I think I'm going to steal these questions for my next pregnancy post!

A Girl In Transit said...

A few more weeks and you'll get into that beloved 2nd trimester bliss =) Hang in there.

- Sarah

ErnestineADavis said...

Cute bump sweety!


Sara McCarty said...

Congrats! 10 weeks! So exciting! I'm currently 36 weeks and expecting my first any day now. It's such a wonderful and exciting time! I can't believe how fast it's flown by. I feel like I was just at 10 weeks yesterday!

Gillian said...

Wow, I totally missed this! Congratulations on your cute little bump :)

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