Have you ever felt lonely? 

My eyes are ever on the LORD, 
for only he will release my feet from the snare.

Turn to me and be gracious to me, 
for I am lonely and afflicted. 
Relieve the troubles of my heart and 
free me from my anguish.
Psalms 25:15-17

Well I do right now. 
I feel abandoned and lonely! 
Ever since my son was born I have seen less and less of my friends. 
I know it's not because they don't still love me, it's because we are in different parts of our lives now. 
It really, totally sucks. 


I don't have many friends who actually have kids that I can get together with and have play dates. 
I started blogging around the time I stopped seeing most of my friends regularly. 
I think it was a way for me to try to find friends in my area. 
People who have kids and would enjoy hanging out with Zane & me and not just want to see me without him. 
But I still haven't found anyone really. 
I have started following people who live close to me but we haven't connected or even really spoken through e-mail or anything. 
I have tried but no one has really been that responsive at all. 
Which is fine I don't expect people to jump at the 
chance to be my friend.
I'd just love to have someone to talk to or go out with. 
Even have a girls night with once & awhile.


I am just so fucking lonely! 
I need someone to share my mommy stresses with, 
someone who will understand and not just blow it off like it's not important. 
I feel like having a child has made me a leper. 
I am not at all saying that I would EVER change my life!!
I love every single second I have with my son. 
I just need an adult friend who understands the trials & tribulations of being a mommy. 


I know, I know I sound like a whiney bitch, 
but come on don't I deserve to have people in this world who want to hang out with me, 
talk to me, 
love me, 
understand me, 
and all that comes along with a friendship?


I think I do! 
Actually I know I do. 
I am just very unlucky in finding it.
Maybe someday someone will come into my life and finally be there for me forever as my friend.


A girl can hope right?



Samantha @ Moody Mama said...

I'm sorry you are feeling this way. I understand everything you have said. You are not whiney, you just needed to vent. I am in a new area and know NO ONE, so I understand how you feel. I started blogging for the same reasons to meet people, but I'm shy (at first) so it is hard for me to reach out.

Please email if you wanna chat!

Ashley said...

Girl I hear ya!! It's hard being a mom and figuring out who your friends are. Do you know if there is a mops group around you? I joined one at a local church two years ago. It's awesome because I was able to meet other moms. It's so important to find a friend or two in this mothering journey. You are so right!!! I'll be praying that the Lord brings the right friends into your life. If you ever need a listening ear I'm pretty good at it:) email me! Thevanillatulip@yahoo.com
Hope you have a good afternoon!!!!

nicole. said...

aw lady :( i know the feeling.

most of my friends children are the same age as my daughter {15}. so when my hubs and i decided to have another one... years later... we knew our relationships would change... and they did.

i have few friends, far and between too. my great gal pals live all over; baltimore, seattle, portland, arizona, cali and chicago.

needless to say, i see them little through the year. i make it a point to go to portland and see my favorite friend.. so next time im there.... we will hook up WITH our little


Andrea Neudorf said...

Ah! Totally know what you are talking about? I hate it when friends ask "so what have you been up to?" ummmmmm, let me think..."hanging out with my kid, changing poopy diapers, being bored and lonely! Why the heck dontca ever call me???" I hate putting in the effort all the time! Don't be shy and you're not being whiney!

Email me Girl! coffebeanyum@hotmail.com (coffee with one e)

Katie Jones said...

Hey girl. Where do you live? I just have to tell you that I felt this exact same way, pretty much the entire first year of Ellie's life. I finally got up the nerve to reach out. I joined meetup.com (they have moms groups by zip code) and I also joined a local MOPS group. It stands for Mothers of Pre Schoolers. These two things have SAVED me! Can you email me and we can talk? takeoffwithkatie at gmail dot com

Paige said...

I'm so sorry you are feeling this way. I hope blogging about it helps. I wish you were nearby and we could hang with our babies. You should check out local mothers groups via the hospital or library or start your own. xo xo

Meg {henninglove} said...

hi libby i just become your newest follower and i am so sorry to hear about your struggles as a mom right now. i heard being a mom is absolutely wonderful but absolutely difficult at the same time. and being difficult includes feeling lonely. you are doing the best thing you can do for yourself though turning to God and casting all your cares on Him because remember He cares for you. He knows you inside and out, and 100% knows what you are going through right now. I hope things can improve for you, remember we are all here to listen and care about you. xo, meg

Jana said...

well my dear it seems as if I am going to have extra time on my hands since I am jobless as of yet this week :( do you want to come out and hang with us on the farm on Wed? put your makeup on and I might snap some pics of your pretty face gratis...wadya say? That or we can totally arrange a girls night (on the cheap) and it looks like Im gonna have some free time (finally!) to make your blog button tomorrow...hurray!!

Alyss said...

Oh Libby! I'm so sorry you feel this way. I go through fazes of feeling incredibly lonely in my situation, too.All of my friends aren't even in serious dating relationships yet. Except my best friend, who is married, but lives two hours away. Go figure. Where do you live?

Paige said...

You sweet girl, I absolutely hate that you are going through this and sadly there are so many of us Momma's that know exactly how you feel. This could be reason number 1239814 that I blog as well. I think that blog and twitter has came to help me out a lot, I started meeting people in my area (even though we rarely ever speak, it did help) and put Charli Beth in activities that would help me know some other Mom's. Mom's that understand and know that we can not be on the go 24-7. Possibly a play group or church will be a wonderful way to meet new families and friends. To be honest, I am trying my hardest to meet new people since I just moved to a new city with my (new) husband and I honestly do not know anyone so play groups and church are my ideas for meeting new people!

AmyLee said...

ok my first question to you is, do you have a stroller strides group in your area? CHECK IT OUT. RUN, don't walk.

they meet 3-5x a week & it's outside & you get to work out & meet other moms. i don't know if you work out but it's for all levels of fitness (seriously, we have soooo many beginners & all levels) & they do meet ups too. you don't have to be a stroller strides member to go to the meet ups, so check it ouuuuuut!

Summer said...

I've definitely had those times. Some people just don't understand that when you have kids, that doesn't mean you don't want a social life. Try looking for a mom's group in your area! They usually meet up twice a week and you should meet some great ladies! Also, like Amy, look into Stroller Strides. I know a few moms that do that and have made some awesome friends there.

Jess said...

Being a mommy is harder than most people think! you have to give yourself credit for all the hard work you do & then you will enjoy it a little more! God bless you, love your blog xoxo

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