On my heart.
I feel like I am slacking in life.
Slacking in being a mother,
a wife, a daughter, a sister, and everything in between!

It's like I can't get motivated do what I should be doing.
I feel like all I do is sit around.
I know that's not the case for the most part,
but I really feel like I'm not doing my job!
I've got so much to do and no time to do it in!

I am feeling guilty also,
because Mr. Sheriff works so hard
but I am at home doing nothing.
I feel I need to do something to help,
to help with income!
What can I do?

Does anyone know what I can do
but still be at home?
Can someone out there help me?



Andrea Neudorf said...

I soo know the feeling! Especially when I have days where I slack in cleaning, baking or disciplining.
I saw a saying on pinterest not long ago that said "get on your knee's and pray, get on your feet and work"
I'm starting to realize more that I need to be a prayer warrior at home! All the best girlfriend!! xo

Samantha @ Moody Mama said...

I understand the feeling completely. I'm in the same boat. If figure it out can you share with me please?! I have been looking for stay at home stuff and nothing seems to right. I wish I had a solution to share with you!!!

nicole. said...

aw lady. being a stay at home mom is hard. i understand that feeling. this last school year, i went back to work - and that was the hardest decision ever. i thought overall i was gonna feel great to get out of the house and feel like i was contributing to my household... turns out i felt guilty about leaving.


in the end it worked out {im fortunate to have summers off, holidays, and thanks to the state lots of teacher furlough days}.

but, you have to find a balance that works for you.

hmmmm are you crafty? etsy!
can you write? i know a few peeps who do contract work from home.. like technical review stuff?

take it from a working mama. the grass is always greener on the other side.

i hope you start feeling better soon.

susann said...

Hi Libby...I've been enjoying your blog through my friend's Paige's blog! Just read your post about "feelings" I can relate and I think all mom's and wives can relate. We are all too hard on ourselves. I am only a stay at home mom during the summer and there are days when my hubby comes home from work and I just feel like what did i actually do today besides take care of my 2 girls. Taking care of a 1year old is tiring and sure makes you slack in other areas. Take a step back look at all that you have and remember tomorrow is a new day. Hope you begin feeling better soon!

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