Guest Post - Paige

Paige from this little life is guest posting today. 
She is giving you the ABCs of her life. 

I hope you enjoy and go check her out on her blog this little life.
She is such a sweetie and has the most adorable little girl in the whole world!


A - Ashley is my sister. She and I fought like cats and dogs when we were younger but now, we are best friends. I’m the older sister!
B -Border Collie - My dog. His name is Auto, like a car and he is 14 years old, like 90-something in dog years.
C- Career Counselor, my profession. Love my job, but love being Molly’s mommy more! 
D -Daughter.  I am one and now I have one. It is the best!
E - Eggs…my hubby has chickens, like in a coop, in our yard, and we get about a dozen fresh eggs per day.
F – flower – I love hydrangeas. I wish I could have fresh flowers delivered every day and display them in my kitchen.
G – girly, girl. That was, is and always has been me.
H – HomeGoods is my favorite store. I love perusing the aisles!
I – Italian ices – a favorite of mine while I was pregnant. I love mango!
J – Jelly and peanut butter on a waffle was my favorite food during my pregnancy.
K – Kitchen. I painted mine three times in two years. I needed it to be the perfect shade of yellow.
L – Long Island is where I have lived all my life. I love it!
M – Michael is my hubby. We have known each other since middle school and have been married for five years this fall.
N – Nanny, that is what Molly calls (or will call) my Mommy.
O – Ocean – love living near it.
P - Pedicures – I love a good one!
Q - Quilt – Molly received an amazing homemade quilt from my hubby’s Godmother. It is amazing.
R - Real Simple magazine and a cup of tea is my idea of “me” time.
S – shells & starfish. I love decorating with them.
T – Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
U – Undergraduate degree in Speech Communications.
V – Vacation. My favorite vacation was to Martha’s Vineyard and I can’t wait to take Molly there.
W- Wainscotting. We installed it in Molly’s room I love it.
X – Xrays – Had a few taken last week at my dental appointment.
Y- Yellow. I didn’t know I was having a girl; so therefore, Molly has lots of yellow stuff!
Z – Zoo. Haven’t been in a while but can’t wait to go and see the giraffes!

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