Christmas on GMC

if you didn't already know i am a lover of all things christmas! i love everything about christmas. spending good quality time with my family, the cold weather, the music, the giving of gifts, and the movies. i will watch every single christmas movie that i possibly can throughout the christmas season. we own a ton of christmas movies but i love watching the movies on tv too. i love lifetime christmas movies they are always so cheesy and someone always falls in love. they're just so warm and fuzzy and that's what i love about them. but this year i found gmc... have you heard of this station? it's the gospel music channel and it has some am-a-zing christmas movies! all of which are dedicated to showing the true meaning of christmas or how we need to remember to not waste our time together because you never know what is going to happen. i recorded a couple over the weekend because we were running errands all weekend and then yesterday we took a very unexpected trip to the er for zane. {that's a story for another day} so zane and i are just having to hang out at home today because he's got a fever of 103.5 and is not feeling well. so we watched them this morning and the first one was called the heart of christmas... truly an amazing story. it's a true story about a little boy with cancer. but the whole soundtrack is by matthew west and it is all gospel christmas music. it was beautiful... sad but beautiful. i cried. i warn you, you probably will too, especially if you have children. the other one is called the perfect gift and it is a story about remembering where christmas began and why we celebrate. absolutely uplifting i loved every.single.second of this movie. i highly recommend you find out if you have the gmc channel and watch their christmas movies. i think we just have a preview of it for the month of december on dish network. here is a link the their website though: gmc tv and on dish network it is channel 188. i think if you love christmas movies and you are a religious person this is the channel for you. i hope you will check it out. merry christmas!!!



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Jodi said...

I love GMC theres such good christmas movies on there this month :)

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