Dave Ramsey:: financial peace university... starting over!

We went through Dave Ramsey's:: Financial Peace University when I was about 8 months pregnant with Zane so in April/May 2010. 
We took the class at a local church near our house and when we started the class we got the 
along with all the classes and a lifetime membership, 
so if we ever wanted to take the classes again all we have to do is find a class somewhere 
and we can sign up and go for free. 

We were on track for quite awhile with this plan
and then we get hit with all these huge hospital bills and we totally lost track.
I can't tell you why exactly but I really think it was seeing all those huge numbers we were going to have to payoff. 
I think we both just felt really discouraged!
And we've been off track ever since then, but we just decided to get back on it again.

We sat down together and figured out our budget and how much money is going to go to each 
medical bill, credit card bill, student loan payment, + our mortgage. 
We are excited to be back on track 
and get our finances back in order because we are going to try to put our house on the market in the next couple months. 
We need to get into a bigger house for our growing family...
Two bedrooms is just not big enough for us anymore.
So that means trying to pay off bills so we can start saving for a down payment. 
So wish us luck on staying on track this time + getting ourselves out of debt and into financial freedom!

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libbyuglesich said...

it really does help! we did really well for a long time then lost it!

lrailing said...

We took it a couple years ago! SUCH a great class!!! He has some amazing tips. I totally agree about the whole being intimidated by big numbers. We got into a spending rut and I realized what was going on. The big numbers of debt seemed to be looming great in our minds. And, we didn't have much, even just making minimum monthly payments. Any extra we got, I didn't want to put towards the debt because debt is debt and really wasn't making that big a difference (so it's easy to think at least). and, we got caught up in "rewarding" ourselves with little things like going out to eat, or even just for ice cream, or just a $5 new scarf splurge to ease the pain of being in debt and kindof like a consolation prize for putting up with not having a lot of money. However, these little "rewards" all added up. I mean a balance is good. Reallyl good. you don't want to deprive yourself of absolutely every single solitary good extra thing, it's just being in the habit of getting little extra splurges often. So, we've cut back. A lot. It's hard. But so worth it. Live like no one else now so later you can live like no one else (or however Dave says it ;-) ) Keep at it! You guys are making progress one penny at a time!

AnotherCleanSlate said...

Ugh- I need some major help in this area. Glad I am not alone!

Ashley said...

I really love Dave Ramsey! I grew up listening to him (my dad would always have his radio show on in the car) and I don't think my husband and I would be in the financial situation we are in without his advice. We even taught a FPU course at a local university because we felt like it was such a good message to share! Best of luck!

libbyuglesich said...

why thank you! It's so great to hear that other people are like us and using this same method.

libbyuglesich said...

no you are not alone at all! there are a lot of people out there struggling just like you!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I love Dave Ramsey! Good luck on that financial freedom! You can do it!!

libbyuglesich said...

Thank you! :)

libbyuglesich said...

it's really helping us :)

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