Lilah's Birth Story

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Lilah Maye 
Born November 2nd, 2012
At 12:34 PM via C-Section
7 pounds 6 ounces
21 inches

I had a much easier pregnancy with Lilah then I did with Zane.
I did have morning sickness but only for about the first 14 weeks thank goodness!
After that I only had horrible back pain from her.
She was in a nasty position on my back and it made things very difficult and it got tired very quickly.
I knew that I was most likely going to end up with a c-section because I had had one with Zane.
But I was actually hoping I could have a VBAC {vaginal birth after c-section} for most of my pregnancy because I really wanted to experience giving birth.
I was due on November 8th, 2012 and
we had a c-section set up for November 15th, 2012 and after many,
many months of being in so much pain I told my doctor I didn't want to wait until a week after my due date for the c-section I wanted to do it as early as I possibly could.
So we set up an appointment for the c-section on November 2nd, 2012 at 12:00 PM.
I was so excited to know that she would be here on that day and no later!


So on the morning of November 2nd we had to be there at 10:00 AM.
I got up and took a shower and got ready for the day and we had to get Zane to my parents house by 9:30 AM so that we'd get to the hospital on time.
We got to the hospital and checked in.
{we know the birthing coordinator so she had set us up real nice in the biggest labor & delivery room and got us my favorite nurse who had to leave in the middle of my labor with Zane}
so we were really excited to go into this birth.
{not that we weren't with Zane, we just knew exactly what was going to happen!}
So Trish
{our favorite nurse}
got us all set up and asked us all the routine questions.
I was so excited.
I knew that I was going to meet that sweet little lady in a couple hours
and I also started getting extremely nervous.
{I mean who doesn't when they go have surgery?!}
They hooked me up to the monitor so that they could monitor Lilah's heartbeat
and about an hour before I was going in Trish mentioned to me that I was having contractions...
well I knew I was having them,
they were getting pretty intense and they were coming consistently...
so basically I was in labor as I was getting ready to go have my c-section.
My doctor came into the room about 10 minutes before they took me into the operating room to just put me at ease.
He's pretty much an amazing doctor and cares so much about all of his patients!
{I really love him}

So they took me into the operating room at around 12:05 and got me on the table and then gave me my epidural which my doctor held my hand the whole time, so sweet he is.
As soon as that was over and they got me strapped to the table they let James come into the room.
Then they began the surgery.


The anesthesiologist was talking to me the whole time so the operation flew by and before I knew it they were telling me she was here.
It took her a minute to cry and they held her up over the sheet and I said, "oh she looks like Zane" and then they took her to go get her cleaned up so they could close me up.
About a minute later James brought her to see me and I couldn't get enough of that beautiful little face staring up at me.


 She was amazing!
They finished up my surgery
and then we all went back into our labor & delivery room to recover.
Trish let us have our family come back
and see us after we'd been there for an hour
and everything was looking good with both of us.
We hung out there until it was time to move us to our room...
which we got hooked up with one of the few big rooms that they have.
{It pays to have people in the hospital!}

So Dr. Warhus delivered Miss Lilah Maye at 12:34 PM
and she was 7 pounds 6 ounces and 21 inches long and it was my second favorite moment ever!




Katie Mitchell said...

What a gorgeous name you've given your sweet girl! I especially love the spelling.

Birth stories always make me cry ... the best kind of cry. Thank you so much for sharing!

Paige said...

So beautiful, Libby. I love her name!

Ashley Cruz said...

She is so precious!! Enjoy her to the fullest. :)

Cassandra said...

She is BEAUTIFUL. While I was reading your post I realized that I had never heard a woman's experience with a c-section before. I just haven't met someone who has had to have one, so I learned a lot. Thanks for sharing and I LOVE her name.

Typical House Cat said...

What a cutie, congrats!

Rebecca Hammond said...

What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations! Thanks so much for the follow. Excited to follow you back!

iesha said...

congratulations! her birthday is a day after my sons :)
i found your blog via LC. really cute!


Callie said...

What a sweet story!

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