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My dad, mom, & grandma with Zane
Uncle Tommy & Zane
My family consists of my dad, Tom; my mom, Sally; and my brother, Tommy. But I was adopted so my family also extends out to my biological mother, Wendy; and my half-brother Devon.

Wendy, Devon & me
My dad is the greatest dad that anyone could ask for. I love him so much and he has always worked so incredibly hard to provide for his family. He is the most generous and kind man I have ever met. My dad grew up in Colorado in the Seventh Day Adventist church and went to Walla Walla College after returning from Vietnam and met my mom. They married in 1970 when he was almost 25. We were SDA for most of my life and then when I was going into high school the church was having major break up issues so my parents decided to leave and stay with the pastor who got kicked out of the church just for being himself and I always thought that that was a wonderful thing they did for us and for the unjustness of what happened to our favorite pastor. So we are now non-denominational Christians and all of us couldn't be happier. They had fertility issues for about 12 years before they finally adopted me in 1982. I have never felt like I wasn't loved at all because my dad and mom were the most amazing parents ever. My dad owns his own business and still works extremely hard to provide for his family even though we are both grown and moved out and I am married and have my own family. He still helps us if we need it. He is definitely my hero and I will always thank him and my mom for taking me into their family and never acting like I wasn't theirs.

My mom is my best friend now. She is amazing in every way and would give anyone the shirt off her back if they needed it. She grew up Oregon and went to Walla Walla College and that's where she met my dad. She was 20 years old when they got married in 1970 and was 32 when they adopted me. She was a stay at home mom and that was the best thing in the world. I am so glad that we had that time growing up to spend with my mom. She is the sweetest, most amazing lady I have ever met and she loves God and taught me how to love Him with all my heart and trust Him no matter what. She went to work for my dad when we were both in school but was always there to pick us up from school and help us with our homework if we needed it. She never finished college but about 5 years ago she went and became a flight attendant which she absolutely loves. She has always loved to serve people so it is the perfect job for her. She was the best mom in the entire world.

My brother is 1 1/2 years younger than me and when we were growing up we were not the best of friends in any sense of the word. But since then we have become good friends. He is a great brother and is always there for me no matter what. He would do anything for anyone and is such a kind person. He makes friends wherever he goes. I love him so much and am glad that he is a part of our family.

Wendy grew up in Michigan and she was really young when she got pregnant with me. So she thought what would be best for me would be to put me up for adoption so that I could have a family that could provide the life that she couldn't. She chose my parents from their profile and flew to Oregon to have me. I met her on my 18th birthday and that was one of the best days ever. We were instant friends. We have stayed in touch over the last 10 years and I am so glad she is a part of my life. She will never take my mothers place but she will always be a friend and in my life.

Devon my half brother is 16 and a Sophomore in high school. I met him when he was 5 almost 6 and he has changed so much over the years. But he instantly fell in love with me and I with him. He wanted to be wherever I was the whole time he was there. It was awesome to have someone love me so much even with hardly knowing me. Even to this day when I am visiting or he is visiting us the world revolves around me the whole time. I think it's because he is an only child and loves that he has a sister when he's with me. He is such a good kid in so many ways. He gets good grades and is an amazing trumpet player and an absolutely fantastic artist. He is really going to go somewhere in his life because he is such a  driven individual.

My whole family so fabulous and I wouldn't trade any of them. They have made me who I am today and I thank them for that every second. I also thank God for bringing us all together. We may not be your typical family but I would never want any other family!


Nathan and Megan said...

I LOVE your adoption story. We are Licensed Foster Care Parents with the option of Adoption. We're excited to see what God has in store for us!

kelly, said...

Loved reading your story. What great parents (birth and adoptive) you have!!!

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