10 Months

Zane you are 10 months old (I'm a few days late with this post)! I can't believe you are only two months from being one year old. You are such a big boy. 

You are feeding yourself so well now and you love everything we give you! You have tried avocado, banana, spaghetti, fettuccine, chicken, beef, a couple different soups, cheese, oranges, bread, applesauce, soft pretzel, cupcake, ice cream (your absolute favorite), and many many more things. You can't get enough food. You seem to always want to be eating it's so cute but you have started throwing temper tantrums if we won't feed you constantly, especially when we are eating! We have to work on that for sure. You love your gerber puffs and you love gerber yogurt bites. But you much prefer adult food!

You are crawling all over the place though and I can't keep up with you at all. You are permanently set on lighting speed. And you never stop going... you are always moving around. You DO NOT like to sit still for long at all... except to eat that is. You'd sit all day if it meant there'd be an endless supply of food in front of you!

You are so close to walking. Every day you test your walking skills more and more and let go to walk in between things all the time. The most steps you have taken are 3 at one time but that's so awesome! Mommy is so proud of you.

You and Zoe chase each other all around the living room and it is hilarious. I could watch you two for hours and sometimes I do. You both love each other very much. I think she has really gotten used to having you around.

Your favorite thing to do is ride around on your great-grandma's walker when we are at Grammy & Poppa's house. They sit you on it and then chase each other around the house and you just laugh and laugh. You would do it for hours and sometimes you do. You really wear your Grammy & Poppa out when you are with them but they love it too. You love your grammy so much every single time you see her you just light up and want nothing to do with me once we are with her you just want your grammy. Which is perfectly ok with me because she loves you just as much as I do and I know you are safe with her.

You are great at playing by yourself and you can play for a long time just crawling around in the living room playing with all your toys. You pull every single one out every day and then play with one toy the whole time. It's very fun for mommy every evening to have to put away toys that were never played with just thrown on the floor to be thrown on the floor. As of right now your favorite toys are your Thomas the Tank engine, your shape blocks that we stack and then you knock them over (you think it's the best game), and your little pop up toy (every time you hear one of them pop up after we've pushed or turned or toggled the switches you crawl right over to put them back down).

You love bath time. We just started letting you sit in the bathtub without sitting in the little bathtub seat. And you love it because you can splash around and move all over the place. But we have to watch you like a hawk because you try to stand up constantly and we have to force you to sit back down.

You make me laugh every single day a hundred times a day. I can't get enough of you. I love everything about you. You are just the sweetest little boy in the world. You have started to come over to me and just hug me and it melts my heart every time. You still haven't started talking yet but I think you are going to say dada first because that is the most common babble that comes out of your mouth. It makes me kind of sad but you will eventually say momma and it will be a great day in this house when you do!

I am so extremely proud to be your mommy! Your laugh is the best sound on the planet and I could listen to it for hours every day. Your growing so quickly.

You are wearing size: 18 -24 month clothes 
(You fit a few 12 month things but not many)
You wear a size 5 wide shoe (you have big feet all around)
You are 30 - 32 inches tall (you're a tall one)
You weigh 23 pounds

Mommy loves you little boy! I'm so happy to be your mom.

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