Valentine's Day for CCA & Beauty Products

First off... yesterday and this morning until 10:00am, 1051 The Buzz here in Portland always does a 28 hour radio broadcast for the Children's Cancer Association. They call it Valentine's Day for CCA and they raise money for them.

So many different companies donate lots of money but they also are asking people in our community to donate money to help those children who are so sick that they spend most their life in the hospital. So James & I donated the $105 so we became 105ers and we will be paying it over the next year in payments of $8.75 a month. So easy to do and so rewarding! Also during their broadcast they have families who have lost children to cancer and also kids who have beat it or are still fighting to beat it come into the studio and have them tell their stories. So if you're listening to 1051 the Buzz that day you definitely need a HUGE box of tissues with you at all times! You will definitely be balling your eyes out... but these families are so strong even after being through so much and now that I have a baby it hits me so much harder then it has in the past! Zane and I have been staying with my parents again and Papa Murphy's was doing a deal for every pizza you bought they donate a dollar to the CCA! So we were not going to be passing up that opportunity to donate more money. So we had pizza for dinner, which is always fine with me because I LOVE pizza! To donate to such an amazing cause makes you feel so good... you shouldn't need to be rewarded to help others. It's so important to give and help others as much as you can.

Now onto more insignificant matters but it's still fun! I am linking up to Kelly's Korner for her Show us your life - beauty secrets.

I am not huge into the whole beauty routine but I do have a few things that I do on a regular basis.

Face/Skin: I use Dermalogica Cleansing Gel to wash my face every morning in the shower because I have REALLY sensitive skin! Everything makes me breakout and/or get really bad itchy bumps that you can't see but I can sure feel them. So I tried using the Cleansing Gel and it has been amazing! It keeps me from getting breakouts and it makes my skin feel so clean afterward.

I also use Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream everyday as my moisturizer and it is amazing also. It makes my face feel so smooth and helps my make-up stay on all day.

And finally at night to remove my make-up I use No7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 wipes and they are so gentle and they are scent free which always helps with my sensitive skin. I love how nice they make my skin feel and even when I wake up my skin still feels clean.

Hair: To wash my hair I don't use anything special just whatever is cheap that day. But I use a Chi to just smooth out my hair because it is really frizzy but yet not curly at all! Also I use Big Sexy Hair Hairspray to keep my hair in place throughout the day and I really like it because I hate that crunchy feeling that you get when you use hairspray and this stuff doesn't do that at all.

Body: I use Dove GoFresh with Nutrium Moisture and it really helps keep my skin moisturized throughout the day.

And for my lotion I use Olay Quench Body Lotion because it truly keeps me moisturized all day!

So that is about it for my beauty routine if you can even call it a routine. But I am also really contemplating starting to use the Bare Minerals because my skin is so sensitive and I think it would help my skin not to always feel weighed down by my make-up. I just need to convince my husband that it's really worth the money for me to invest in the start-up kit! We'll see how that goes. But for now I will continue to use my MAC make-up.


Brittany said...

i love big sexy hair & olay quench. i've tried the in shower lotion & really like it!

Brooke said...

I am going to try that shower lotion... I guess it's lazy, but sometimes I do not like putting on lotion after my shower! Ha! Happy Tuesday:)

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