Out my front door
My house & car
We finally got that snow that the news has been talking about for the last week. We got about 2.5 to 3 inches so I took Zane out in it for the first time and he didn't like it all that much. I don't think he liked how cold it was. He enjoyed playing in it and tasting it for a few minutes and then he tried to crawl in it and then started crying... so we went inside! But here are a few pictures of him before he started crying!

Trying to crawl in the snow
Checking things out

Love that little face
We came inside and played for awhile then he went down and took a nap... then his poppa & Uncle Tommy came over to bring us some more formula because we were running out and I don't drive in the snow because I have an invisible sign that only HORRIBLE drivers can read that says, "HIT ME"! So I avoid the road when it snows... especially now that I have a baby in my car. Not going to take that risk! So I made my brother & dad some lunch while they played with Zane. They ate and then had to go back to work. Now we're just hanging out here at home, but Zane has been very fussy today so he's down again for another nap (I think he's growing plus he's got teeth coming in.) And all the snow is already gone... that's how fast it comes and goes here! But the news says it's supposed to snow again tonight but I hope that it doesn't because my mom & I have plans to meet at the mall tomorrow morning around 11 so that I can go to the Bare Minerals shop there and have them help me get started using that make-up! James told me that I could change over to it... SO excited since I know it's going to help me with my skin problems. Thank goodness! So happy to get this done tomorrow. 

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Brooke said...

You'll love that makeup! :) Zane is adorable!!

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