Staying with Grammy & Poppa

So while James is gone during the week Zane and I are going to be staying at my parents house a couple days during the week so that we don't get lonely. Zane had a great time playing with his grammy, poppa, & great-grandma for three nights in a row. He couldn't get enough of his great-grandma's walker, which is favorite thing in this world! He loves to sit on the seat and have grammy or poppa push him around the house. He throws tantrums when we take him off of it... it's crazy how much he loves it. I have never seen a baby enjoy something that's not an actual toy so much! He also played with all his toys that grammy has for him when he comes over and he had a blast.

My mom set up her guest room for us with my old crib from when I was a baby so that Zane has somewhere to sleep every night and during his nap. Here is where we have been staying.

My crib when I was a baby

We had so much fun hanging out with grammy & poppa all week! He played tons and never wanted to take a nap so he was pretty cranky. He is a very active little boy and he always wants to be involved in everything and so when we are at their house he never wants to take a nap so yesterday when I put him down for a nap he was fighting it and fighting it but he finally gave into sleep and when I went to check on him this is how I found him sleeping in the crib.

I am thinking that he was sitting up playing and fell asleep while playing and then fell over after he fell asleep. But I thought it was just adorable! He's so busy all the time even when he's supposed to be taking naps now he's always finding whatever he can to play with and I have to keep going in there to try and get him to actually sleep. He never has the blankets covering him when I check on him... he's a hot box like his father so I think he pushes them off or moves out from under them so he isn't hot anymore. We are always recovering him.

But we had a great time and can't wait for a our sleepover with grammy & poppa next week!

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Katie Clark said...

He is too cute Libby!! I love the picture of him asleep in his crib! :)

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