Elf on a shelf:: Polar Express ride

If you know Zane then you know he is completely 100% obsessed with 
the Polar Express.
He can recite the entire movie 
and does multiple times a day to anyone who will listen.
And wants to watch it every.single.day...
multiple times a day!
So when I was thinking of things to do for the Elf on the Shelf 
this idea popped into my head and I got super excited.
{for both him and myself}

He got the Polar Express train from Pottery Barn Kids for Christmas last year from his GiGi
{it actually comes with the little boy and the bum sitting on top of the train and a bell}
So I went on a hunt...
a hunt to find::
a miniature cookie 
an itty bitty mug
a tiny bell with red ribbon.
Because if you have seen the movie or even been on the train ride yourself
they give each person::
a cookie
a steaming hot mug of cocoa
each kid a bell with red ribbon
{on the ride each kid gets a bell but in the movie just the main character gets a one}
I also borrowed a Santa from my mom
because what's a trip on the Polar Express 
without meeting Santa?!

I worked hard on trying to get it perfect for him
because I knew if it wasn't perfect that he'd notice since he's so obsessed.
And this is the result of all my efforts::

 photo DSC_2897_zpsf13135d1.jpg

 photo DSC_2887_zpsa7d2613e.jpg

 photo DSC_2891_zpsfc7d15fb.jpg

 photo DSC_2893_zpsf3e76837.jpg

 photo DSC_2896_zpsc9aa29cb.jpg

 photo DSC_2886_zpsada7cffa.jpg

He was so excited this morning.
Unfortunately the camera was dead so I didn't get any pictures of him seeing it.

We will also be going on the Polar Express train ride on Sunday night on Mt. Hood Railroad
and we always buy the most expensive tickets so we can get the special mug
and best seats for him.
We will be bringing our copy of the Polar Express book
this year since they do a reading
and I want him to be able to follow along this year.

Well this year I also found the most perfect pjs of all time for him to wear on the ride
and for Lilah something coordinating of course::

Polar Express

Polar Express by libbyuglesich on Polyvore
Both are from Hannah Andersson

I really don't think they could be anymore perfect
and when he saw them he flipped out because he was so excited.

He's already told me on more than one occasion that this is going to be the best Christmas ever
his favorite Christmas of all time...
because he's had so many ;)

Because I know everyone would love to know what I'll be wearing,
I put together my outfit for it.

polar express train ride

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