Christmas card/Lilah's one year/Zane's 3.5 years pictures

We have our family Christmas card pictures happening in November
and I have been dreaming up exactly what I wanted us to wear...
Where to have them taken...
and what props I want to use for them.
So for our outfits I think I came up with something pretty amazing.
When James + I were on our trip to San Diego last week...
{Did I mention that we were gone all week on a little vacation just the two of us?!}
I picked up the sweater for Lilah and the jeans for Zane from Zara
because when I saw them both I knew that they were perfect.
I am slowly but surely buying everything for us.
I have the cords on the way from Gap + that amazing fur vest is from H&M 
and will be coming into my hands this weekend!
I will need to find some ankle boots, too.
I have my necklace already and my chambray shirt. 
For Lilah I just purchased the headband...
The dress, tights + boots are all from Old Navy and I plan on picking those up soon.

mama + Lilah

mama + Lilah by libbyuglesich featuring high heel boots

The flannel shirt for James I will be getting probably in a couple weeks.
The jeans + boots James already has.
The sweater and shoes for Zane are from Old Navy
and again I will be getting them as soon as I can.

Daddy + Zane
Daddy + Zane by libbyuglesich on Polyvore

For the location we are using a Christmas tree farm
and I am so darn excited about this!
Kinda like below::

And for our props we will be using this adorable garland::

And this banner::
{but the writing will be red + green alternating letters}via

And this sled::

A plaid blanket::

I am thinking these are going to be some super amazing photos! 
Especially since Lauren of Lulabell Photography is going to be taking them for us.
She really is the best. 
I cannot say enough good things about her.


laurenalb said...

yay yay yay! I CANT WAIT!

Susannah said...

Yay! I'm excited to see how they turn out! :-)

Amanda said...

Oh how exciting! I like how the clothes all go together but aren't matchy matchy!

ashlea said...

Loveeeee! Seriously so cute, I can't wait to see the photos! New follower and fellow pacific northwester over here :)

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