Diaper bag

Thought I'd share what we have in our diaper bag all the time::

diaper bag

diaper bag by libbyuglesich featuring lacoste sunglasses

The Bag:: 
Petunia Pickle Bottom bag::
I love this thing!
It has a built in diaper pad that is removable
+ tons of pockets for
all those things you need to stuff inside for your babies
+ toddlers.
Huggies refreshing wipes::
That's a given when you have two in diapers still!
We love Huggies refreshing wipes because they are thick
+ do the job really well.
Plus they smell amazing!

Camelback waterbottle::
I've gotta stay hydrated + I love this thing so much.
Even though I live in Oregon I wear my sunglasses all the time.
I have sensitive eyes so I've gotta protect them.
Hand sanitizer/holder::
Gotta have this stuff to keep your hands + your toddlers hands clean.
I love Bath + Body Works stuff it smells so amazing...
also the holder to hang it from the bag so it's not taking up valuable real estate inside the bag.
Hair ties::
I have long hair so I have to have hair ties to quickly through my hair up in a
pony/bun when it's getting in the way.
Sugar lip treatment::
Love this stuff + it has a hint of color to it...
I don't wear lipstick
{James hates it!}
so this stuff gives me a little color.

Tommee Tippee cup::
Love these cups they don't leak
{which is a huge thing}
+ they are not straws so they don't randomly stop working.
Ella's Kitchen fruit pouches::
Great snacks for toddlers
+ hello they're fruits + veggies...
what toddler doesn't need more fruits + veggies?!
I always keep these in the diaper bag for those moments when you go to a play place
+ we forgot socks...
always have to have them in those nasty play areas.
Huggies Pull-ups::
Zane's not potty trained yet but we're trying to get him to start...
so we are transitioning to pull-ups.
Annie's bunny crackers::
Just like goldfish but I think they're better
+ snacks are important to have when you have an almost 3y/o
who's always hungry!
Messy toddler = need for a new shirt sometimes.
Toy Cars::
We always have cars in the bag to keep him occupied when we
have the occasional out to dinner or lunch.
Leapster Leap Pad2::
LOVE,  love love this thing!
It keeps him occupied in the car + he is learning to take pictures with it
+ he thinks he's so big for having his own "Ipad".

Huggies Snug + Dry diapers::
Obviously but we are a Huggies only household!
Every other diaper leaks when we use them.
Bibs/burp rags::
Always have a couple of these + some burp rags in the diaper bag.
Tommee Tippee bottles::
These bottles are the most amazing bottles we've used.
She hardly gets any air in them
+ she seems to love them.
I always have something to change her into
because if you don't that's the day you're going to have a blowout!
Always have extra socks...
socks seem to disappear for some reason
off of babies feet so having and extra pair is a good idea.
She loves binkies
+ it's nice to have extra's in the bag.
Also the clips saves you from losing them all the time!
Formula dispenser::
I love this because then you don't have to shove the entire can of formula into your bag
+ it's all pre-measured out for you.
Sophie the giraffe teether::
This is the best teether in the entire world.
I love this thing + so does every baby that's used her.
She's soft rubber + the legs are the perfect shape for them to shove into their mouth
+ chew on for those darn teeth that cause so many problems.
Bling bling rattle::
Love this rattle it's got a great ring for her to grip...
it's adorable
+ what girl doesn't need a little bling?!

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