Interview with my Hubs

I was reading Miss Libby Bonjour's blog a few months back and came across this interview that she had done with her husband that she got from a friend of hers.
 I thought it was really cute so I thought I'd have my hubs answer the questions
and share them here for you. 
Well it took him awhile to get me the answers but he finally has so here they are. 
He had some pretty sweet things to say about me. 
I actually learned some things from him!
Thanks babe.


1. What is the first thing you noticed about your wife when you met?
We met when my friends girlfriend invited her to come and watch one of my hockey game.  
She was trying to secretly hook us up and it worked, 
when I saw her smile it drew me right in.
She has the most amazing smile in the world.

2. What is something your wife does that drives you crazy?
My wife is constantly on he computer.  
I know she loves it and following her blogs is a hobby of her's but the fact that she is always on her computer drives me crazy sometimes.  
I still love her though.

3. If money wasn't an option what is one thing you would make sure you always had done for your wife?
To make sure that the house is always clean.  
She does a great job of watching our son and taking care of him.  
Most of the time our house gets overrun by the clutter and she is not able to keep up with it all.  
I would make sure the house was always kept clean.

4. When do you find your wife most attractive?
Just before she goes to bed.

5. What does your wife do for you that you totally appreciate and would miss if it was gone?
Taking care of our son.  
She is an amazing woman and an even more amazing mother.  
I love her so much and can't thank her enough for all that she does with him.
Thank you hunny for all that you do around here.

6. If you had your wedding day to do over again and everything was your call, would you keep everything the same? Change something? Everything? Elope or if eloped vice versa?
Nothing, my wife handled the whole wedding and it was a beautiful day.  
Her vision was great and her design was amazing, 
it was elegant but modern.  
She has a real nack for decorating and I would not change anything about out wedding.

7. What's one beauty up keep that you wish your wife didn't do? Or what's one beauty thing you wish she did do?
Nothing, My wife is beautiful just the way that she is.  
I tell her all the time she doesn't need any makeup yet she still continues to use it.  
She is beautiful to me just the way she is,
she does not need anything to make her beautiful.

8. If you could go or be any where in the world with your wife right now, where would that be?
Cabo, Mexico.  
We went there on vacation two years ago and it was amazing. 
We dream of going back very soon.  
I would take her there right now if I could get the time off of work and we had the money.  
It truly is an amazing place to be and relax, 
I hope that I am able to take her back there again very soon.

9. What is one moment you wish you could go back and relive with your wife just to get to experience it again? Would you change anything?
When my son was born.  
That was the single most important day of both our lives, 
unfortunately I cannot change what happens with that outcome but if I could it would have been for my wife to have a natural birth and not a c-section.  
She was very upset about the c-section and the recovery.
To go back and relive that moment would be the best thing in the world to relive with her.

10. What do you love most about your wife?
The woman that she is and the person she is inside.  
She is truly an amazing wife and mother to my child, 
I love her more and more everyday.  
She is very loving and supportive of me and my goal everyday.  
Thank you hunny for all that you do, 
I love you



Ashley said...

That was so sweet! He seems like a great guy! I just stopped by from the followers fest and became your newest follower. Can't wait to read more. Feel free to stop by my blog when you get a chance. :)


Love, Chelsea said...

That is so cute. I totally want to do this.

Lacee said...

Oh my goodness this totally made me tear up! What a sweet man you have by your side. I think I'm going to have to get my hubb to do this. Absolutely love this idea. Thank you so much for sharing :)

Jodi said...

This is too cute, i may do this myself :)

Melissa said...

So cute! I wanna do one of these too :) ps your buttons up! thanks :)

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