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::Zane Timothy's Birth Story::


Zane Timothy
Born May 21st, 2010
At 8:35 PM via C-Section
8 pounds 7 ounces
21 inches

I had an extremely hard pregnancy.
I was sick from pretty much day one.
I ended up in an Urgent Care on my 27th Birthday & then the next day I was in the ER...
plus I ended up there again one more time before one of the ER nurses told me to have my Doc prescribe me infusions.
So I had to go to the hospital twice a week for the whole pregnancy to get infusions of fluids so that I wouldn't get so dehydrated because it didn't matter how much water I drank my son drained me of it... he was literally sucking the life out of me.
I also lived on Zophran!
It was my life saver throughout my pregnancy,
if I didn't have that I would have lost my mind I think. I also had horrible heartburn for months & I ate Tums like they were candy,
I got Carpel Tunnel in both my hands
{where your hands go numb}
so I had to wear wrist braces for months on BOTH hands,
I could barely walk because my knees were giving out,
and I had people coming up to me asking are you about to pop at about 5 months along
{really people, how rude!}

So the entire month of May I was extremely uncomfortable and I was praying that my baby boy would come early so that I didn't have to be pregnant anymore because I was so big.
There was NO comfortable position...
not standing, not sitting, not lying down, nothing helped!
I just wanted him out.
The week that he was born we went to the hospital twice just to be sent home,
but I was 90% effaced for like 3 weeks and that was extremely frustrating but I was not dilated hardly at all,
I think I was at a 1.
So the week of my due date which was May 25th at my doctors appointment on Thursday, May 20th my doc told me he would induce me as soon as the hospital could get me in because he knew how uncomfortable I was and I was starting to have early signs of Preeclampsia, 
so he thought it was best to get him out, 
but he tried stripping the membrane to see if that would put me into labor. 
It doesn't work on everyone but he was hoping it would work for me so that I didn't have to be induced. 
We had an appointment set up for the next night at midnight to go into the hospital to be induced so I knew he was going to be there by Saturday at least. 
But I was hoping the membrane stripping would work! 
So Thursday went on to be pretty normal, 
we finished getting our new SUV from my dad 
{thank goodness!}
 and then we went home had dinner and went to bed. 
That night was as uncomfortable as the rest of them had been the last couple of months. 
On Friday morning I woke up at around 6:30 or 6:45 AM and went to the bathroom for the millionth time that night and went to get back in bed and as soon as I laid down my water broke... 
well I was hoping it was my water that had just broken since I had just gone to the bathroom but I wasn't having any contractions at all, 
so I woke up James and told him and he called the doc on call and he said to come to the hospital. James got ready and I got dressed and I waddled myself down the stairs and to the car. 
We stopped at McDonald's on the way there for breakfast because we didn't want to stop to cook and I really needed to eat something or I'd because of the hospital rule of no food while in labor. 
So we ate as we drove to the hospital which is about 45 minutes away. 
We got to the hospital about 7:45 AM and were put in a monitoring room with a nurse who I happened to be a parent of a kid from my brothers old baseball & football teams from when he was a kid. 
So it was awesome to talk to her while they monitored me to make sure I was actually in labor and during the wait I began to have contractions. 
We called our families and best friends to tell them to be on alert they might need to be getting to the hospital soon and everyone was really excited!

At about 12 PM they transferred me into a labor & delivery room because I was in full blown labor. They checked me and I was only dilated to a 2. 
We were in the room for a little while before family started showing up but we had my mom, brother, grandma and dad, James's sister and mom, 
and my best friend Tiffany in the room for quite awhile and then my contractions started getting really bad so I asked James to kick everyone out so that I could get my epidural. 
My mom, grandma, & dad came back in after the epidural was in. 
My dad left when I started to actually push which was literally 4 hours later. 
I progressed that fast! 
Since I was already almost completely effaced for the last 3 weeks all I had to do was dilate completely & that I did. 
My mom was going to stay for the delivery 
{I was adopted so she never got to have the experience of having a baby, she was living vicariously through me & I was happy to oblige her}.
 James went to get some food and by the time he got back I was pushing and he freaked out because I had an oxygen mask on because they thought I needed it to calm down. 
During that time I went through THREE nurses which was completely uncalled for so we complained to the head of the department 
{who happens to be a very good friend of my parents}
 and she had that fixed to where nurses will not be assigned to moms in labor when they only have an hour left on their shift! 
I cried because it upset me so much when my second nurse left me because she was there for the main part of me pushing and I was so emotional already I thought it was ridiculous that they would do something like that to a woman in that state.

My epidural was not working on my right side so they called the anesthesiologist into the room to fix it {My grandma left at this point because of my screaming, it really upset her}. 
We found out later it was Zane pushing on my pelvic bone because he was coming at an angle and was laying on it there 
{Excruciating pain!!}.
I pushed for 3 and a half hours and then the doctor on call 
{my actual doc left a half hour before} 
came in and said sorry but no matter how hard you push he's not going to come out, 
we have to get him out so we need to do a C-section. 
I was devastated but I had known from the minute I walked into the hospital that if the doc said he needed to get him out that I would not fight him and just sign the papers so that my son was delivered safely! 
So after about 20 minutes of prep time it was about 7:40 PM at that time they wheeled me down to the surgery room. 
Since I had had an epidural I was already pretty numb but I could still feel them poking me so it took an extra long time to get me to the point where they could operate so James was out waiting and worrying for awhile, 
I think it was about 45 minutes before they got me to the point where they could do the surgery. 
So finally it was almost time for me to meet my little boy! 
I found out later the reason I could not deliver him Vaginally is because he was face up 
and coming at an angle but when the doc was trying to get him out he had to get him unstuck because his head was so wedged in that he got stuck.

So at 8:35 PM Dr. Taitano, 
delivered my son Zane Timothy at 8 pounds 7 ounces and 21 inches long and I have never been happier than at that moment!



::Lilah Maye's Birth Story::

 photo DSC_1753_zps2bbc349f.jpg

Lilah Maye 
Born November 2nd, 2012
At 12:34 PM via C-Section
7 pounds 6 ounces
21 inches

I had a much easier pregnancy with Lilah then I did with Zane.
I did have morning sickness but only for about the first 14 weeks thank goodness!
After that I only had horrible back pain from her.
She was in a nasty position on my back and it made things very difficult and it got tired very quickly.
I knew that I was most likely going to end up with a c-section because I had had one with Zane.
But I was actually hoping I could have a VBAC {vaginal birth after c-section} for most of my pregnancy because I really wanted to experience giving birth.
I was due on November 8th, 2012 and
we had a c-section set up for November 15th, 2012 and after many,
many months of being in so much pain I told my doctor I didn't want to wait until a week after my due date for the c-section I wanted to do it as early as I possibly could.
So we set up an appointment for the c-section on November 2nd, 2012 at 12:00 PM.
I was so excited to know that she would be here on that day and no later!

So on the morning of November 2nd we had to be there at 10:00 AM.
I got up and took a shower and got ready for the day and we had to get Zane to my parents house by 9:30 AM so that we'd get to the hospital on time.
We got to the hospital and checked in.
{we know the birthing coordinator so she had set us up real nice in the biggest labor & delivery room and got us my favorite nurse who had to leave in the middle of my labor with Zane}
so we were really excited to go into this birth.
{not that we weren't with Zane, we just knew exactly what was going to happen!}
So Trish
{our favorite nurse}
got us all set up and asked us all the routine questions.
I was so excited.
I knew that I was going to meet that sweet little lady in a couple hours
and I also started getting extremely nervous.
{I mean who doesn't when they go have surgery?!}
They hooked me up to the monitor so that they could monitor Lilah's heartbeat
and about an hour before I was going in Trish mentioned to me that I was having contractions...
well I knew I was having them,
they were getting pretty intense and they were coming consistently...
so basically I was in labor as I was getting ready to go have my c-section.
My doctor came into the room about 10 minutes before they took me into the operating room to just put me at ease.
He's pretty much an amazing doctor and cares so much about all of his patients!
{I really love him}

So they took me into the operating room at around 12:05 and got me on the table and then gave me my epidural which my doctor held my hand the whole time, so sweet he is.
As soon as that was over and they got me strapped to the table they let James come into the room.
Then they began the surgery.
The anesthesiologist was talking to me the whole time so the operation flew by and before I knew it they were telling me she was here.
It took her a minute to cry and they held her up over the sheet and I said, "oh she looks like Zane" and then they took her to go get her cleaned up so they could close me up.
About a minute later James brought her to see me and I couldn't get enough of that beautiful little face staring up at me.

She was amazing!
They finished up my surgery
and then we all went back into our labor & delivery room to recover.
Trish let us have our family come back
and see us after we'd been there for an hour
and everything was looking good with both of us.
We hung out there until it was time to move us to our room...
which we got hooked up with one of the few big rooms that they have.
{It pays to have people in the hospital!}

So Dr. Warhus delivered Miss Lilah Maye at 12:34 PM
and she was 7 pounds 6 ounces and 21 inches long and it was my second favorite moment ever!



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